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#9405 Long standing MOO fan and games designer: My Feedback and thoughts for improv...

Posted CypherNilNA on 29 February 2016 - 06:31 PM

First of all I am really happy to see a dev team take a crack and remaking this old classic, from the bottom of my heart thank you. It's game like this that made me want to become a games dev myself. Be warned, this is a loooooooooooong post, So I apologise for it in advance. Any and all spelling mistakes I blame on my dyslexia.

Now let's crack on to business shall we.


Exceptional job bringing the old races into the modern age with 3d models and great voice actors. Here's a few things that concern me.
  • Lack of government types: I understand the change, sticking a few race stats like -50% research, colonies without barracks suffer -20% moral (old MMO feudal government) makes it hard to balance but It would be nice to state your races government type when making custom races (even if it doesn't do anything).


  • Setting your playstyle: In the old game's you selected or customised a race around a certain playstyle. psilon's had farming/production/research penalties on non-low Gravity worlds so tended to only colonise a few and grow in technology quickly to counteract those flaws, conversely sakkras and klackons tended to fast expand due to their population growth, subterranean or large homeworld specs.  Currently psilons seem really broken because nothing is stopping them fast expanding AND gaining a large technology lead. Sakkra's do eat less food giving them a slight increase in population growth BUT due to the removal of freighters they can't quickly export that population to colonised planets OR support new colony's with food from their homeworld. I'm seeing a lack of design along playstyles in the game and that simply makes this into a generic 4x game. Each race is meant to feel unique, not be slight variations on the same theme.


  • I've also noticed the bonuses from high gravity don't exist anymore. surely if a race is from a high gravity world they would have a combat bonus on normal and low-G planets. This added depth to race planning and gave those races an actual bonus as without it they only maybe might gain a very small bonus if they find a good high gravity planet early in the game .


  • Humans have always had an issue as the diplomacy skill only works on bots, sure this can be fixed with custom races but they could have some benefit from planetary trading at least, maybe throw them a money generating bonus too?.


  • Terraforming and gravity generators should shift the planet to the same biome and gravity as the race's homeworld (until a gaia upgrade of course), this made the race feel more real and impacted enemies if they captured a high gravity planet they then received a penalty on and had to invest to change the gravity to their own people. 


  • I like the idea of a starting tech for each race but what might also impact playstyle design is if the races started with a building from that teck already built on the homeworld. ie psilons start with the research lab from government tech while humans start with the government support facility. sakkra could start with hydroponic farms already built ect.


  • by removing the racial traits like X race produces more food and Y race produces more industry there is less of a drive to capture workers for your own plans, would like to see this added back into the game as it added a very interesting strategy (you could even make espionage races be able to mass kidnap a population to use on their own colonys)



  • The new research tree seems great, aids in clarifying where you are in each branch, I do think technology are researched too quickly however, having the option to set research speed before the game starts would be a great addition to custom games.


  • I'm sad to see the removal of creative (you get all the tech's from a single research branch eg fusion beam + fusion bomb at the same time) from the game, this was really well balanced in MOO2 as you could research everything but lacked the industry to get everything you had researched built until late game. It would be a nice addition to custom races.


  • More split tech decisions would be welcome. They help define playstyle and have the player make gameplay decisions on what they're playstyle will be. It adds depth and replayability to the game, for example make players pick between displacement device and proton torpedo, do they want a high damage weapon or the ability to hit and run. If all of the tech is this freely available I see little reason for anyone to invest in espionage tactics once there added into the game.


  • Add more tactical combat options to the tech tree, we have beam weapons, missiles, fighters, then computers for beam accuracy, anti-missile rockets/jammers, point defence. makes for diverse approaches to combat, then we have displacement device letting beams get in fast or missile users fire and run, shield and repair devices to stay alive, why no cloaking devices for stealth ships or cloaking tech for fighters/missiles. more on this later as I think ship combat needs a good bit of work too.

Ship Combat

Real-time or turn based? why not both, seriously some people have all the time in the world to play and some don't, so we need the option in the game creation screen to pick one or the other.
As it stands real-time combat is FAR too fast. with fleets rushing at each other all guns blazing, this leaves very little time to make tactical choices. 
  • Slow the real time combat down to half of what it is.
  • We need fog of war in tactical combat, allow players to organise their ships a little before the enemy see them.
  • Put gas clouds, asteroid fields, planets nebula into the combat field and make them effect the battle, players with large ships get slowed down in asteroid fields, you can hide behind planets and in gas clouds, if a ship enters a nebula its shields get cut off, this kind of thing.
  • Large ships seem to be made of paper, maybe its just the speed but I didn't expect my massive sized cruiser to blow up after a single barrage from a few small ships.

Ground Combat

  • Needs more animations, maybe troop pods flying down to the planet's surface, explosions, firefighting along the ground, players seem really detached from the action of invading a planet


Menu Layout

Really great job on a simple and straightforward user interface and hud, the game looks really clean, crisp while playing. With that in mind a few alterations could go a really long way in cutting down player time in menu's, lowing the amount of clicks required to do the same thing and adding a bit more information for veteran players to look at.


  • Cant see number of pop on strike from each planet individually, need to click on each planet individually, this is tiring and makes management a pain.

In a post yesterday I covered the build menu's needing an update, this is the current build menu.

Current Build Menu

And this is the Improved Build Menu

Improved Build Menu

As you can clearly see the refined menu doesn't require you to keep clicking in and out of it and avoids the frustration created when wanting to change your build order.


  • Colonies are missing a money focus option.
  • Allow us to click and move multiple colonists at the same time like in mmo2
  • Allow players to create their own build queue presets like (new colony, ship building focus, research focus), as the autobuild is horrible at selecting the right building. A player can simply pick a precreated build menu and if some buildings aren't currently researched they get skipped. This makes handling a large size empire far easier come mid-late game.



Again a slight change to the menu and display removes frustration in its use, its easier and faster to customise a ship, Heres the current menu.

Old Ship Menu

And the new and improved version

New Ship Menu

The only other changes needed are as follows.

  • The ships max name size needs to be at least 15 characters long.
  • You should be able to go over the total space used but not hit the done button if your still over by the end of designing, it's frustrating to want to add a component but you first need to remove others just to make room.
  • researching new tech and auto updating ships removes your current build, this is a horrible experience, if you've updated armor and you have enough space just change that part of a ship design, not the entire design altogether.



I really like the change from colony management screen to seeing an actual planet however managing buildings from this screen can be a pain, users are missing a control menu. This should solve that issue

Planitary managment
If a colony has hit max pop or you're redesigning it for another task you need to be able to clearly see and destroy unwanted buildings quickly.


  • Needs an option to sort planets by colonised or not, this is a useful method of finding the next planet you want to take early.


Only slight changes needed here, these would be purely optional (you can turn them off) for veteran players who want as much info for planets as possible at a glance. (Yes I know you can hover over them but this is a slow process.) We also need the option to name planets/systems we take over. I miss they days when I could take an enemys home system and rename it "muck" :D

Galaxy view


When selecting the fleet we go through a long zoom in zoom out effect and only after it has ended do we get to see the ships in the fleet in a menu at the bottem left of the screen.


  • Please change this so we can see the ships earlier, it makes it easier to find the right fleet rather than going through 3-5 zoom animations
  • maybe add more detail to the ships menu so we know how large they are, what ships are in each.
  • Ability to name fleets would be welcome.



My final suggestion is the handling of enslaved races, due to the removal of racial traits covered earlier there is less reason to enslave an alien race to gain an advantage, with this in mind can we have the option to work them to death for those of us that value progress more then ethics :D. also why would you allow a slave to go on strike??





Not sure if these are bugs or simply how the game is designed.

  • If you wipe out a population on a planet you can't colonise the world and take the buildings for yourself.
  • some of the on strike population readouts are false
  • lack of clarity to the player on how to fix an upcoming epidemic (like sun going nova)
  • please remove that horrible ka-ching ching noise that plays when selecting anything in the menu, god that's annoying.
  • we need WASD navigation controls for galaxy and space combat please.
  • sometimes a super fleet looks like a colony ship in the galaxy view.
  • races AI don't seem to live op to their race lore, ie humans wanting to go to war all the time ect.
  • GNN headlines could be added to the info bar (bottom right side of screen) (the bots voices are really annoying, pauses in conversation make the whole think sound like your playing separate bits of  recorded files to make a sentence, (which if you are is very poorly hidden))
  • Monsters dont act any differently, I remember space dragons protecting rich ass colonies and space eels reproducing to cover half the playing map, we need more monsters that force players into alliances to deal with or reward a daring player strong enough to challenge them.
  • more random events, I have yet to find a lost colony or enslave a tribe from an undeveloped world.

    Any and all feedback and questions on this post are more then welcome

#14653 Allow me to Illustrate the Star Lane Debate

Posted Andruski on 31 March 2016 - 06:24 PM

Since Master of Orion is a strategy game, I suspect It would not be too outlandish to use for illustration another strategy game which many of you may be familiar with: Classic Risk. 


I absolutely love Risk, but I cant stand your Risk.

whenever I have a conversation with someone about Risk, that person usually wants to recount their most glorious victories. Before they reveal their secret to success however, they'll usually look over their shoulder, take a significant deep breath, pause for effect, and then in whispered tones they reveal the brilliance of their plan; which invariably involves Australia.  

(look familiar?) 

Now, if we were to take the game of risk, and remove the art, you end up with what looks very similar to the current MOO game:



In the game, countries are naturally connected to adjacent ones, and unnaturally connected to ones across entire oceans. Somehow those thousand-mile 'bridges' (or are they arbitrary sea routes?) remain viable for any conquering force to use them throughout the game, and so the world is your oyster. That green diamond to the right with one way in? Thats Australia, and its 'secret' is the single path in. Not only does it have half the entrances of also-4-territories-and-2-army-bonus-South-America, but as a secondary advantage, its neighbor, Asia, has more lanes than either North America or Africa, meaning Asia is less likely to be a unified threat against Australia. 


The first few times you play the game, you may not have anything to do with Australia, you have to defend across multiple fronts, and generally have a good experience in the game. The more you play however, the more the strategy of holding choke points emerges, until finally you realize that Australia, having one entrance while giving a continent bonus is a unique advantage to be sought after in every game.

Now, about 20 years ago, while stuck at home during a blizzard. I got to help my dad in a unique father-and-son project: We made our own Risk board. 

Its 5.5ft wide, can play 12 players at once, uses the original french rules for combat, does not have silly cards to turn in for free armies, has 96 territories (instead of the normal 42), and every territory has its own point value granting you income (instead of having every territory being the same, making Greenland the same to your war effort as Western Europe, the US, China, etc).

Perhaps you also noticed there are no dotted lines across the oceans?  That's because we made our own molds and forged ships to carry your armies across the seas. Every player can have up to 6 ships, carrying up to 3 armies apiece. 

More significantly, these fleets can go anywhere (using a die roll) to attack any country with a coastline. There. Are. No. Bottlenecks. There are no 'lanes'. Someone has taken a continent and is amassing an army on your border? Take a boat and strike the soft underbelly. Go around. Hit weak points. The game is no longer static, it is fluid. It is never the same twice. Players must think. Players always have options. Some examples:

Purple (maybe coming from south america) wants to break up the North American continent. In YOUR Risk game he has to go up through central america/mexico. Here, he can use Cuba as a staging point, and perhaps hit Canada. Yellow is aware of the threat, and has to spread out his troops to compensate (and therefore does not have a giant blob of death on the border). 

Here's another possibility:
Yellow is invading Africa. There are far too many coastal territories for Blue to defend. However, because Blue is willing to sacrifice one of his outlaying territories, he is able to have a consolidated defense and counterattack anywhere. 

Or this:
With a single ship, Green could strike anywhere in the southern hemisphere. Here he is looking at Africa's and *GASP!* Australia's vulnerabilities. At only 2 or 3 spaces of movement for his ship depending on where he places it, he is all but guaranteed an effective strike. 

You see? Starlanes are like the dotted bridges in Risk. They do not increase the strategy, they limit it. They create choke points that are supposed to be strategic, but since there are no other options, it just means a frontal assault every time. Combining the freedom of the seas with territories of different values, I now can think strategically about where to strike. Do i his that high-value-but-heavily-defended target? or do I sweep across multiple low-value-but-lightly-defended targets? Both may net me the same amount of points, but both are entirely different strategies for me to choose from. In YOUR Risk game, I do not get that choice. In this MOO game, I do not get that choice.


I do own the 'classic' Risk as well as our homemade version. Care to guess which one is infinitely replayable? Which one still keeps me guessing after all this time? which one has gathered dust for 20 years and which one all those 'Risk veteran' friends who told me about their amazing Australia strategy still want to play? 

Can the classic Risk with its dotted lines be fun? Sure. Can people have fun playing the new MOO with star lanes? Sure. But in both cases, they likely are unaware that there is a better way. However, once they see the possibilities that freedom of movement can offer, I doubt they'll want to go back to those static, arbitrary lanes.

Hope that helps. 


#12568 Response to Feedback: Upcoming Changes to Master of Orion

Posted GeneralDirection on 11 March 2016 - 11:37 PM

Greetings Explorers,


Be warned: this is a very long post.


Since Early Access began on February 26th, you’ve provided consistent thoughtful feedback about the direction we’re going with Master of Orion. We’ve been reviewing your feedback with NGD Studios to ensure that it is considered with every potential change or addition we will make between now and release.


To that end, we have the first of what we are calling “Feedback Response” articles. The aim of this piece is to give you an idea of some of the changes we’re planning based on your feedback. We can’t commit to specific timelines for anything at the moment, but we want to make sure you have visibility on what we’re looking to do.


Please note that not every single change we plan to make is mentioned here. If you see something missing from the list, there’s a good chance we’re considering it, it’s just that we’re not ready to talk about it.


This is an important focus for us as it impacts most if not all game systems. Without solid balance and a strong AI, things begin to fall apart. If we were to prioritize the content of this article, you could probably consider most of the topics in this list as the highest priority.

  • Late-game pacing is sluggish, so we are planning to improve that—especially providing interesting things for players not focused on the Conquest victory condition
  • Research comes a little too easy right now, resulting in technologies being unlocked far too quickly; we will make adjustments here to make unlocking a technology feel more like a milestone and to reduce the frequency at which ship designs and ship weapons/systems become obsolete
  • We’re working on making pirates more interesting, giving more options for interacting with and engaging them, as well as the ability for them to expand
  • Some racial perks are not as valuable in multiplayer (i.e. those that affect diplomacy), so we are making changes so that they are more impactful
  • Biomes are not unique enough at the moment, so we are planning to add more variation and also potentially provide new bonuses (i.e. Morale) based on the biome
  • Races are not distinct enough, so we are planning to improve this through more interesting perks/traits
  • Miniaturization will be introduced; all hail making things smaller!
  • Improvements will be made to diplomacy AI to allow more positive interaction between AI races, including basic treaties, alliances and diplomatic council votes
  • BC income will be adjusted so that it remains an option for speeding up expansion (or strengthening a fleet) but does not trivialize it

Tactical Battles
At the moment tactical battles have a strong core implementation, but usability is a big issue. A major focus for this feature is improving the control the player has over the action in the battle, as well as more information on what’s happening.

  • We will be changing it so that each tactical battle starts paused by default, allowing you to get a feel for the surroundings and the battlefield to begin planning your tactics
  • Formation bonuses will be introduced that provide bonus effects to certain ship types for flying in formation
  • Civilian ships will be added to the battlefield, so use caution when moving them around the galaxy along with your combat fleets
  • A retreat option will be introduced at the intro screen as well as during combat (note: some technologies/structures/specials may potentially prevent retreat from being possible for all ships)
  • We are evaluating options for more control over specials and weapon systems, as well as weapon overlays to give more clarity on what’s going on

Ship Design
Customizing your ships and fleets is integral to the tactical battles experience and makes the arsenal of your empire distinctly yours. To that end, we want to make it easier for you to customize your ships, as well as provide more clarity in what you are doing, and finally to reduce the negative impact the auto-update feature has on your designs.

  • We will be updating the ship design interface
  • Ship designs and ships already built will no longer be linked, meaning when you scrap a design you will not have to scrap the ships
  • The character limit for ship names will be increased
  • Default AI behaviors will be added (Range, Aggression, Focus, etc.)

Usability / Interface
The feedback we have gotten is that the user interface is already in a good place. However, we agree that certain areas could use some touch-up.

  • We are taking a pass on the information available and plan to increase the number of tooltips across the entire game, as well as improve their quality

The AI needs to better use treaties and the diplomacy system as a whole. We will also adjust the effects declining certain proposals has on disposition, as some of them affect relations too negatively.

  • We will provide better feedback on the diplomacy screen, including how racial traits and other bonuses are impacting relations
  • AI will be improved to propose more intelligent exchanges, such as tech for tech
  • Certain actions have too much impact on diplomatic relations and will be adjusted (i.e. share charts currently has far too negative of an effect if rejected)
  • We will improve on “emperor traits” (commonly referred to as biases) and how they act in diplomacy and view other races’ actions within the game

Colony Screen
Our main goal here is to provide additional polish, make more information available, and expand functionality on certain elements.

  • A scrollable structure list will be introduced to complement the visual display of structures on the planet
  • Preset and customizable build “templates” will be introduced to make late-game expansion less cumbersome
  • We will be enabling the production queue by default
  • The ability to drag multiple population at a time will be added (all to the right of the one selected, except those on strike or other races)

Build Screen
The build screen will see improvements based on changes we’re making to other areas of the game (including general keystroke/mouse functionality), but there are some changes specific to this screen as well. They mostly focus on ships and making what you’re doing and getting from them more clear.

  • Command Point and Upkeep costs will update to reflect the number of ships being produced
  • We will allow you to specify the quantity of ships to produce if more than one, rather than only having the single or 5x options
  • Civilian transports will be made much cheaper and it will be clearer that they are “rental” and will disappear once you move the population to a planet
  • Detailed ship combat stats will be added to the build menu

Empire Screen
While it’s primarily intended to be a macro-level management screen, we have seen feedback that certain micro-level options would be nice to have here. We’re also planning to add more clarity and sortable columns for Morale and Pollution.

  • A heading will be added to the Morale column and a Pollution column will be added
  • A per-colony production buyout button will be added
  • We will improve the flagging feature by allowing you to not only name your flags, but also define new flag types
  • It will be possible to redistribute population within a colony from this screen

Research Screen
While research speed has already been touched on, there are other changes we’re planning for the tech tree to make progression more interesting and rewarding. We will also improve information on certain tooltips within the tech tree.

  • We are considering a concept of building upgrade technologies to give early buildings more longevity in the game (i.e. Automated Factory II)
  • Tooltips of weapons will be improved to provide full clarity on their effectiveness
  • We are considering adding weapon mods (Heavy, Envelopment, etc.) to the tech tree as researchable technologies
  • Jump Gates will be moved to an earlier spot in the tech tree to improve early and mid-game movement
  • Shield upgrades will be expanded, and we will introduce additional weapon options for ships

Galaxy Screen
The galaxy view is beautiful, but we want it to be functional for you too. To that end we are making adjustments to better provide information on colonies, ships and other entities at-a-glance.

  • We are planning to increase the quantity of wormholes to make exploration more exciting—“Where is this going to take me?”
  • We are planning to increase the information around the planet to display things like trade goods, pollution cleanup, etc. as icons
  • We are experimenting with a slow / limited navigation option outside of starlanes, unlocked via mid-game technology
  • Radar lines will be introduced to show maximum visibility range of ships, monsters and planets
  • The ability to see the weapons/modules of a ship when hovering over its icon in the fleet window will be added
  • Population display will be changed to show both the current and maximum population of a planet
  • Icons will be added next to fleets that convey what they are doing (i.e. guarding, blockading, constructing something)
  • Civilian ships will be changed to not trigger the threatening fleet notice
  • The star systems near the core of the galaxy will be made easier to see
  • A rally point option will be added for military ships/fleets

Game Settings / Setup
Less confusion and more options are the big themes for our pass on game settings / setup at the moment.

  • The galaxy seed will be randomized by default each time you begin a game, rather than starting at 0; you will still have the option of setting this manually or using the random button, but we want to reduce the confusion over galaxy options for newer players
  • We will introduce a “Game Speed” option that determines how fast or slow things progress (e.g. production, research, colony growth)
  • We plan to allow the use of different text and audio localizations (i.e. Russian text, English audio)
  • It will be possible to disable GNN while still getting important updates
  • The ability to disable Unstable Warp Lanes will be added as an advanced setting
  • VO options will be expanded so that you can disable advisor VO while keeping other voices on

Below are some of the things we’re working on that would impact multiple areas of the game, or do not fit into a specific category outlined above.

  • Additional functionality (such as right-click) to exit out of screens will be added
  • A subtitles option will be added for screens that include VO to ensure information is not missed for hearing-impaired players
  • Colorblind options will be added to game settings
  • A user-defined chess clock-style turn timer will be added for multiplayer
  • An explanation of the Galactic Council will be added and displayed when it is founded
  • Special resources will be better explained
  • We will be adding the ability to open certain UI elements after you end your turn in multiplayer

It’s important to stay engaged with the community during Early Access, so we intend to communicate changes like this whenever possible. Providing feedback on games can sometimes feel like a one-way street, and we want you to know we’re listening.


Thank you for playing, and please keep the feedback coming. You’re helping us make Master of Orion the best it can be.

#8396 Played almost 10 hours My impression (bugs and suggestions)

Posted Harper73 on 26 February 2016 - 05:32 PM

First off I want to say this is a well made, fun game, keep me up all night playing. My wife had to come out at 1:30 am to check on me because I had not come to bed yet. ​ Thank you guys.




Its a lot better then what I was expecting. Does have that "NEXT TURN" feeling. Star Lanes make it REALLY hard to defend because there are so many star lanes to defend. Combat is pretty but needs some work.


Here are a few items that need improvement


Ship Building

1. Give me a clear all button. Right now I have to clear out each item before I can add anything new.

2. Start out the ship design section with the max amount of templates. When I scrap a template it  should not remove the template just leave it as EMPTY

3. Give me a MAX OUT button when adding weapons. Also let me know ahead of time how many of that weapon I can add to MAX out.

4. When adding specials I did not see any added bonus to added the same item additional times. If adding additional Battle pods or Battle Scanner does not give me a bonus then once I add one, I should not have the option to add additional battle scanners.

5. I have not tested this yet but it would be nice to have some indication. Does adding the same weapon to different weapon slots does that mean the ship will target multiple ships in combat or will the weapons fire at one ship?

6. When editing a template, should I not have the ability to change the HULL TYPE?

7. Suggestion: Maybe have a way to FLAG planets as Ship building planets and then have the ability from the template or ship design section to have that new ship build at those planets

8. Able to design star bases and battlestations and Military outpost. (military outpost don't show a combat rating)

9. I did not see any space changes to having weapons set to all arcs. why not just have all weapons set to fire at all arcs



Map suggestions

1. make it easier to click on stacked units. This is an issue when fleets are stacked with military outpost.

2. Some way to track the incoming enemy fleets. There is a notification but some other indicator of where that fleet is at all times. Maybe a way for the player to MARK that fleet to track

3. someway to see what a planet is producing instead of having to click on the plant.

4. Maybe a better zoom option between fully expanded out and the next level down. Maybe the next level down should be the territory you own. The second highest zoom is to close. This would help with spotting enemy fleets.

5. I know you should know who your enemy is but have some indicator around the approaching enemy fleets that shows they are hostile.

6. Have a way to FLAG special planets that will show up on the left side of your screen so you can quickly go to those planets.


Planet development screen.

1. Don't know why you need a SHOW QUEUE option. I cant think of a reason to not have the queue not show.

2. Planets don't show the star bases or any weapon platforms moving around the planet. Only way to know if a star base is built is to look in the production area.

3. Over the next colony and Previous colony put the name of the colony that you are going to be going to.

4. When a ship is set to GUARD when an enemy moves into your solar system the guarding fleet should intercept that fleet. Ships to auto ask you if you want to do combat with an enemy fleet. I have had enemy fleets move into my solar system with my own fleet at warp point and I had to remember to go to the fleet to attack.

6. The name of the solar systems that you have colonized when fully expanded out are not highlighted with your race color. They are Gray with the dots colored in to show how many planets you own.

7. When fully zoomed out you cant click on the solar system to go to it. You have to zoom in and then click on the solar system you want.



1. Very confusing when you get a new ship tech and you upgrade the ship. I designed a carrier with fighter bays on it. I researched a new weapon and it asked me to upgrade my ships. I said yes. NOW my carrier was fully upgrade with those weapons an no longer had fighter bays. I think this feature could be left out. I think this causes more issues then benefits.

2. Pace of technology. I think this has been talked about but it seems like not enough hard choices and each race gets to many technologies.



1. Some way of knowing the recharge indicator of  when your ships weapons are going to fire again.

2. When you select a ship  it should tell you what ship its firing at.

3. Ship movement seem more like balloons flying around then ships moving. I can understand the smaller ships moving around like that but the larger ships should move different or have to slow down to turn. Please don't have large ships move sideways.

4. If each weapons slot can target different ships. When I hover over that weapon It should let me know what ship its targeting. Let me know its recharging and when I can fire it again.

5. Let me pick formation of my fleets BEFORE I enter into battle.

6. Defending fleets should start in front of my space stations not behind.

7. More combat options like Fire from max range. Or for carriers some sort of launch fighter and stay back.

8. control of your fighters. I could not see where they went or who they attacked or control them in anyway.


I know I have more but I think this is a good list to start with.


Overall its a well made game and a lot of fun to play. Nice work guys.





#22459 Game Launches August 25

Posted Dizeit_ on 11 August 2016 - 03:19 PM

So they're basically releasing a strategy game which is completely and utterly eclipsed by its 20 year old ancestor in every single way that matters. Essentially there's no reason at all for playing CTS as long as you have DosBox to play Moo2 or even Moo1. Absolutely pathetic effort Wargaming. What a waste of money.

#8917 Community Feedback Thread | The Galaxy Map

Posted OrionSol on 28 February 2016 - 04:49 AM



Can we PLEASE be allowed to NAME a star system if we are the first to colonize it, 


And, renaming our Emperor / Leader would be cool too. 

#6049 Terran Ship Re-imagined

Posted nevulmaion on 10 December 2015 - 02:39 AM

After reading the Terran Khanate description, I was inspired to re-imagine the Terran ship concept.

While it's similar to the Human ship style, it flaunts a unique personality of aggression and power.

Brooding colors and sharp angles convey a more determined and ruthless character.

Also, I swapped the emblem for one that matches the chest ornament on the Terran uniform.


Terrans reimagined as more determined and ruthless

#4483 Bulrathi Concept

Posted KyzarKon on 10 October 2015 - 03:44 AM

#22635 Recent helpful reviews got a sudden boost of positive votes on Steam?

Posted Mikko_M on 15 August 2016 - 06:40 AM



By GrenadeMagnet6


"LOL the recent most-helpful Steam reviews all flipped to positive in one day


So I was checking out MOO:CTS's reviews on Saturday, on the game's Store page, August 13th, 2016, and noticed most of the top recent reviews were negative, which wasn't a surprise. Then today I checked again this late Sunday evening and found on the Store page the most-helpful recent reviews were all positive!

Further, all these positive reviews had almost 50 users voting the reviews were helpful 89% or higher! You didn't see that level of participation with the prior negative reviews.

How does that happen in one day? Is it possible for the Steam review system to be manipulated? I noticed one suspicious review was from an Argentinian (from his profile) with the handle Saibot Studios, who was shown to play MOO: CTS for less than an hour. Yet his short review had 59 of 66 people finding Salbot's review helpful.

Here is the full text of Saibot Studio's thorough review.
"Really nice! it's not my kind of game (I didn't actually play the previous releases) but I really got into it :)
Nice graphics, audio and animations. Cool races and characters and pretty solid controls.
Just give it a try!"

Does that look like a "Helpful Review"? If you are the developer I guess the answer is "Yes".

Hey, Orion88: you left a comment in that one review above in question. Do you see anything else odd about this fresh series of positive reviews that were voted up?

One has to admit it's a stroke a good luck that the most recent helpful reviews all go positive right before the game's official release date. What a lucky world we all live in!"


​Pretty interesting to say the least, as the last time I visited the most recent reviews (a couple of days ago) most of them had only a couple of votes per review.

#22469 Game Launches August 25

Posted Omega_Weapon on 11 August 2016 - 05:35 PM

Saddened and somewhat nauseated that this game will release in such a half a$$ed state... . Soon the MOO brand will mean even less.:(

#14655 Allow me to Illustrate the Star Lane Debate

Posted OrionSol on 31 March 2016 - 06:37 PM

Starlanes Summary  "They do not increase the strategy, they limit it."



#13756 Early Access 1 Recap & Early Access 2 Release Details

Posted GeneralDirection on 24 March 2016 - 10:09 AM

Greetings Explorers, 

Master of Orion’s Early Access started about a month ago, and we’ve been thrilled with your response. We know we have a lot of work ahead of us, but we’re staying focused on the two areas that matter: getting the remaining features implemented and making changes based on your feedback. 

First, let’s get the exciting news out of the way: Early Access phase 2 begins tomorrow, March 25th. The update will go live on Steam and GoG at approximately 10am PDT and may download automatically depending on your update settings. 

With that out of the way let’s cover what we’ve done, where we’re at now and where we’re going.

The Past

Here’s a timeline covering some of the bigger Early Access moments: 


  • Feb. 18th: We revealed the voice cast for Master of Orion and the official start date for Early Access 
  • Feb. 23rd: Streamers began broadcasting their play sessions on Twitch, and YouTubers started releasing “Let’s Play” and impressions videos 
  • Feb. 25th: We soft launched on Steam and immediately saw a spike in activity 
  • Feb. 26th: Early Access officially kicked off, with tens of thousands of you purchasing the Collector’s Edition and launching your campaigns to conquer the stars 
  • Feb. 29th: We sent the first round of feedback you had to the development team, covering more than 100 topics ranging from pacing, combat controls, race balance and the dreaded turn limit 
  • Mar. 4th: The first update for Master of Orion, 40.13, went live and included the option to disable the turn limit by turning off Excellence, or setting the turn limit yourself if you left it on 
  • Mar. 8th: We compiled and sent another round of feedback to the development team, identifying another 30+ topics 
  • Mar. 11th: We published our “response to feedback” post to let you know we’re listening and will be making changes
The Present

Here we are: our first major patch of Early Access, what we’re calling “phase 2.” This patch introduces some new features and races that we had already planned, as well as a number of changes you’ve requested. 

Here’s what was already planned and will be going live with the patch: 


  • Three new races: Klackon, Meklar and Terran Khanate 
  • New victory condition: Technological 
  • New feature: Custom Races 
  • New operating system: Mac OS X 
  • New language support for text localization: German, French, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese


That would be a pretty awesome patch on its own, but it doesn’t address most of the core concerns you’ve had. We’re also making a lot of changes that are entirely driven by your feedback. Here are some of the highlights; we’ll have the full patch notes available tomorrow along with the release: 

Game Setup 

  • Difficulty settings have been expanded from Average to: Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard 
  • Galaxy generation has been altered so that biomes, richness and gravity are more consistent with the star systems they are found in (i.e. Red, Orange, Yellow stars, etc.)



  • Initial pass on race traits to improve diversity; this will be ongoing for the remainder of Early Access 
  • Tech tree progression has been adjusted, particularly for technologies in the mid and late game; on average it should take longer to progress through the tech tree



  • Significant improvements to AI behavior, particularly when it comes to diplomacy, colony management and expansion 
  • AI now does a better job utilizing ship upgrades—not just hulls, but systems and weapons as well


Ship Design 

  • Blueprint upgrade logic has been improved and will receive further improvements in future patches 
  • Ships will no longer be scrapped if you decide to scrap a blueprint


Colony Management 

  • A structures list has been introduced that includes by-type filters (i.e. Food, Research, Production, etc.); this list can be accessed by clicking the “View” button to the right of Manage Structures 
  • Auto-build logic has been improved


Tactical Combat 

  • An option to start battles paused has been added to the Gameplay section of Options 
  • An option to disable AI by default has been added to the Gameplay section of Options 
  • An option to start battles in the Cinematic camera mode has been added to the Gameplay section of Options 
  • We’ve improved the design of the pre-combat UI 
  • We’ve changed the names of the combat buttons in pre-combat to: 
    • Tactical -> Take Command 
    • Simulate -> Auto-Resolve
  • A ship speed slider has been added, allowing you to adjust the speeds (in percentage) for ships 
  • A “match speed” button has been added that when selected will match the speeds of all of your ships 
  • A range-to-target slider has been added that will allow you to specify minimum and maximum ranges for your ships’ weapons; no more in-your-face combat unless you want that 
  • A retreat button has been added; ships must reach the edge of the map and then spend a few seconds warping out before they can retreat successfully 
  • Formation bonuses have been introduced that provide unique bonuses based on the formation(s) your ships are flying in



  • We’ve added a visual display for marines in the pre-invasion UI 
  • It is now possible to specify the number of troop transports you want to commit to an invasion
The Future

We still have a lot of changes planned; not everything you’ve requested will show up in this phase of Early Access. Many of the changes will be ongoing as we continue development. 

We appreciate the time you’ve spent with Master of Orion so far, and look forward to hearing what you think of this new phase. We’re especially interested in the changes we’ve made based on your feedback; let us know if they’re working well, if you think more could be done, or if we’ve missed the mark entirely.

#10380 MOO2 Remake.

Posted newreality on 03 March 2016 - 04:23 AM

According to their developer's diary the new MOO has been updated for the 21st century.  The old combat took too long. So now we are going to get a streamlined fast paced combat. This will be perfect for all of the young fast-paced gamers who have to do their turns between twitter posts, instagram updates, texts, hookups, and other general ADHD issues that distract from an in depth, thought provoking strategy game play experience.



#8995 Community Feedback Thread | The Galaxy Map

Posted Andruski on 28 February 2016 - 02:56 PM

I have been extremely frustrated by the need to wrestle with the zoom levels. I am constantly and nauseatingly switching between the zoom levels for every basic need of my empire. Since movement within a solar system is a thing now, and since you cant see the whole galaxy while also seeing individual planets within a solar system, I suggest 2 changes:

1. Give us an additional zoom level between the two highest levels. It is a massive jump between the two. It is impossible to play the game on the most zoomed out (galaxy) level (cant do anything with systems/planets) but it is just as impossible to see whole whole empire or even a movement destination when on the next level down.


2. Give us a picture in picture of the selected star system when at the galaxy view level. I whipped this up on MS paint but you get the idea. Where did I get such a brilliant idea you ask? Master of Orion 2.  

Posted Image


#8139 Lets be honest MOO1 and 2 combat sucked

Posted bzep666 on 25 February 2016 - 03:22 PM

 MOO2 combat is what kept me playing it all these years. Where is the minus 1 button?

#8071 Suggested Tactical Battle Changes [SP]

Posted tad10 on 25 February 2016 - 05:21 AM

This was discussed by Vahouth and myself already in the other thread but after watching  more streams I know have specifics and wanted to move the discussion to the Feedback forum, since it was, in fact, feedback.   I'm going mainly to cover single player and briefly cover multiplayer at the end.  


The good news is you have a great skeleton of a system, and there's nothing that you've done that needs to be thrown out: the AI and the no-AI but computer controlled autofire setups should be retained, but a third control option needs to be added: one with no-AI, and no-autofire.  And here's why:

One tactical battle in quill18's stream pretty much summed up all the problems with the current single-player tactical battle setup. Quill had 3 large Psilon cruisers and was facing a fleet of (IIRC) Bulrathi, he had much higher weapon ratings and likely would have won if he'd gone autoresolve, but he made the serious error of going tactical. 


The best thing for Quill to do was to have entered the battled field with the three ships spaced pretty widely apart, roughly in a shallow triangle.  Sit at the edge of his weapon range and launch torpedoes at the oncoming Bulrathi in 2 or 3 waves, retargeting the second wave based on damage done by the first wave, finally moving out of the way only at the last minute.  The system wouldn't let him do any of these things.  So he was slaughtered in a combat that he could easily have won.


So in no particular order the tactical battle system needs to add the following things:


1. Entering formation setup.  Hat tip Vahouth.


The first thing you should be asked to do upon entering the battle map is to setup your fleets or to have the computer auto-setup for you.


2. Selection of means of control: (a) AI control,  (b) No-AI Control but Ship Autofire (AI controls most weapon firing and targeting except for specials, player controls targeting - the current setup for player control, which I'll call "Autofire"), or © No-AI and No Autofire (Player controls weapon firing and targeting, which I'll call "Total Control")


After your fleets are setup in step 1 the player should then get the option to determine how each of those ships will be controlled: there should be three options that can be toggled using traditional RTS drag or click to target.  And a mix of control options should be allowed. If you have five ships you should be able to set three to AI control, one to Autofire and one to Total Control.


3. At this point what happens depends on #2 - method of control.  If _all_ ships are AI controlled then watch what happens.


If either Autofire or Total Control have been selected as the control method for one or more ships then the following should happen upon battle start.


4.  Ships appear on map in selected formation and with zero speed.  All ships should start with zero speed at the appropriate edge of the map, except bases in space (excluding starbases near planets) which should start in the center of the map. 


5. Again what happens next depends on control selection.  If all remaining non-AI controlled ships are Autofire.  The game proceeds pretty much as it is now with the player just maneuvering ships, targeting ships for autofire and or using specials as-needed.


6. Finally if the player has any Total Control ships:


-The player maneuvers and launches weapons at will (based on cooldowns of course) granularity of that control limited to weapons slot level (as opposed to the individual weapon level for non-specials).  Some smart targeting should be involved so if the player targets three ships and fires off a weapon slot with only two missiles, either a warning should appear, or the missiles should automagically randomly target two of three. 


Getting back to the stream.  If Quill had been able to form up his three cruisers properly at the start, and control firing he would have won the combat, no question.  The first minute of the combat was spent mostly wrangling ships from flying directly to their doom and figuring out firing angles from where he had been forced to send his ships to avoid the oncoming Bulrathi.  Basically fighting the tactical battle system not the Bulrathi.


Starting from zero, initial formations and the ability to control your ships at the weapon slot level covers most of the control issues.


The other big issue, also brought up Vahouth and others are the need for both shield arcs and the ability to target subsystems, particularly with beam weapons: the trade-off should be ranged damage with most missiles/torps vs. targeted damage with beams.  Obviously something like a heat seeking missile would be an exception to the rule.  More specifically, you should be able to pause the combat and target specific parts of the enemy ship: the engines, the bridge area, sensors and of course the hull/specific shields. 


It's a huge risk to get in close with your current system so there should be a counterbalancing reward (ability to close target).  

Finally with respect to multiplayer, obviously

1. You need tactical battle with all the new bells and whistles that you'll add to SP

2. You need to make multiplayer TB permit more than 2 combatants (if they're all in the same system).


You added an RTS system but didn't take full advantage of it.  A turn based system really can't handle more than two combatants.  But your tactical battle system can be modified so that if three or even four fleets are in the same area they can all engage.  Alliances now mean that you can send fleets to actively aid your ally.


Big plus when Chris Keeling gets the question why RTS instead of Turn Based he can add the reply: we can do things in an RTS that you could never do in an TBS, like have four players fighting over Orion with the Guardian in the mix.  






#22524 Game Launches August 25

Posted Omega_Weapon on 12 August 2016 - 02:15 AM

View PostRayFowler, on 11 August 2016 - 01:13 PM, said:

Judge it on its own merits and quit complaining that Wargaming did not spend millions of dollars to create a clone of a game that you can already buy for $3 on GOG. They did not purchase the rights of this great gaming title just to commit economic suicide with it -- which is exactly what a recreated MOO1 or MOO2 would have been.


​Apparently they purchased this game title just for the name recognition and do not care about living up to the past standards for this series. Substandard products can often make a fast buck, but quality products that actually make customers happy will earn more money in the long run.

#22152 Negative Threads exist for a Reason.

Posted Mikko_M on 03 August 2016 - 06:21 PM

View PostAnguille_1, on 02 August 2016 - 09:22 PM, said:


Horizon has ship design and turn-based tactical combat (with boarding ;)). 


Awesome. :)


View PostPrrsha, on 03 August 2016 - 05:01 PM, said:

I've played a lot of space 4x games but my main reason for flocking to this game is that well... it is MOO.  I was expecting much more however and I may just take a break until someday modders correct this game years after its release.  That or wait for MOO5.


Yes me too, but apparently it is an impossible request for modern game developers to take a look at the classic MOO games and mostly just copy what was so good in them. No, there always has to be some Chris Keeling guy who thinks he knows better what to do, and just ends up making a mess of things. :hiding:

#20821 What to do with the Mrrshan?

Posted Omega_Weapon on 29 June 2016 - 04:53 PM

Make them like they were in MOO 2. An aggressive warlord race with 50% bonus to beam accuracy.

#17980 Hate star lanes? Think Stellaris!

Posted JeanBaptisteEmanuelZorg on 07 May 2016 - 02:09 PM

View PostLucian667, on 07 May 2016 - 12:40 PM, said:


I prefer turn based but I can live with RTS as long as it is slow and pauseable. But Zorg have you lost faith in MOO 4? What do you think of the current state of tactical combat? Is there any chance it will be good (like MOO 2) by release or is all lost?


I did my best to like MOO4. I even accepted the RTS combat idea and starlane idea, but... MOO4 have so many design flaws, that it makes me feel like my thoughts strike against the wall every time i'm trying to immerse into that game. It's bare logic and sci-fi anchors. Here are few examples:


1. Some race comes to me and asks for money. WHY ??? They call it Diplomacy;

2. No loot after the battle (loot idea is everywhere: capture a planet with artifacts in MOO1, capture a ship in MOO2 and so on and so of);

3. Small fonts in the research tree so hardly possible to read anything;

4. You have to go through all the colonies to build things as there are no user defined auto-build templates;

5. Silicoids like Inferno worlds aswell as Terrain worlds;


All that mentioned above plus poor RTS in general, poor Tech ideas for spaceship design in general, starlanes (they have to do something with it atleast with the help of Jump gates), poor diplomacy and minor worlds... poor game decision machine, poor game performance during combat AND...


the only way it's suitable to play combat now is that new triangular-primitive combat map (not because of my steam-machine performance, trust me. and even this way i can't rotate it 90 degrees with a hot key). primitive combat map !!! Year 2016 !!!! It was way better in MOO2.


All those design flaws just make me mad. My dreams are becoming destoyed against the wall of constraints called MOO4. No, thanks.