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I love/hate Moo3 and why

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Machop_Fan #21 Posted 23 March 2018 - 02:03 PM


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I was first introduced to Master Of Orion with 3, and was quick to fall in love with its detailed lore, and even more so with some of its races, especially the Cyberneticks (mainly Meklar), the Silicoids, and above all else, the Ithkul. Sadly, the Meklar and Silicoids of 1, 2 and 4 do not have the magic of 3, and as much as I'd love to see the Ithkul in 4, I know they won't appear even as DLC.


I did recently learn 3 was meant to have a lot more playable races (the Magnate races), and I would've loved to have learned what they were like, especially the Audrieh, Brye Ehts and Phaigour.


I joined this forum specifically to post this unpopular opinion, and with this first impression hanging over my head it will probably become my last post as well as my first. :p

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MOO2MOD #22 Posted 07 October 2018 - 03:37 PM


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Seems more and more crap is slowly creeping into the forum here unchecked.

YoEgo #23 Posted 12 February 2022 - 02:26 PM


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I understand well the people who hate this game. It is not a simple game, it is not easy to end a species, it is not easy to advance, you need huge amounts of troops to conquer a planet, there are many things to attend, you have to mark the planets so that the volunteer colonists do not make you colonies anywhere, there are hundreds of planets, micro management, Technology everywhere, some do the same as others but in another way (such as the types of weapons), 17 types of ships, supposedly non-tactical combats, schematic planets, perhaps too much... I get it, because the first time I played it I was shocked by its complexity and how schematic it is. Much more so when it's not in my native language.


However... here you can have a mega empire with dozens of planets under control, giant fleets with ships specialized in their respective functions, large to destroy, small to support, millions of soldiers conquering the galaxy, specialized in various types of warfare: cybernetics, propaganda, mechanized, infantry... the terrain determines the specialization of the planet, diplomacy, technology, almost inexhaustible, all weapons are useful even in the face of more advanced technologies (of course, they will destroy you, but it does not come for free), the government and its adaptability to what you need or what you want at the moment, revolts and their suppression, the mortality of your heroes... 


the only really horrible thing I've seen are the system's defense ships, all crowded. You can't do anything with that, however, with the fleets you create, oh, wow, that's the best thing about the game. Your carrier accompanied by its defense and support ships, launching fighters and bombers, destruction groups escorted by ships with defenses against fighters, fast exploration and flanking ships... Who said there was no tactic? if you are just looking for the largest ship and make fleets with them... there is no tactic, just make a ship with the fattest of your arsenal and forward.


The tedium is not surpassed by the impressiveness of all this. And that I have only played without mods.

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