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Proto Mod, Race ballance

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calmdawn #1 Posted 24 April 2016 - 09:07 PM


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Someone kekekeks (https://steamcommuni...18937288669319/) wrote some *.cs (https://gist.github....b362441e5a80a90) to extract from file (resources.assets)  *.yaml. 


I had extracted  RaceTypes.yaml. If you want to play modified race is multiplayer, then everyone in mulpliplayer game should have this file, situated in  ".....Master of Orion\MasterOfOrion_Data\GameplayData", and he should be the same for all.


I don't know yet how to share this file, I hope, you tell me and I'll share. But.


Untill developers implemented customized races in PvP I invited you make our own ballanced races. It's just the beginning of our discussion, ofc nothing stops you to make your own mods each game.

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