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Full MoO 2 editor search

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CaptainSpire #1 Posted 26 April 2016 - 04:15 PM


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I remember a few years ago there was an attempt to alter the MoO2 ship graphics and I vaguely remember the files are in a .jpx format?  The closest I've seen was a guy who replaced the image but every image had a green overtone to them.


I've actually tripled the research points needed for existing research which made for a much more enjoyable game.  The downside is the final tech level zeros out and is unusable. I'm still working on that.


Would love to find some editor that allows: 


-Alter/replace Ship graphics

-Alter/replace weapon graphics

-Increase solar system planets  (I think there is some coding limits )

-Black Hole weapon to allow research to smaller alien galaxy through Black holes.

-Technology limitation: prevent research past some levels or prevent research from other races (allows for miniaturization.) 



Seems it's talked a lot here.


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