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A couple of extra (diplomatic) skins for custom races?

extra race skins custom

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Mikko_M #1 Posted 22 May 2016 - 03:30 AM

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First of all something like this is obviously at the moment really low on the priority list, but if there are still graphics artists and diplomatic dialog writers working on this project it could be cool, if we could get a few extra unique racial skins for the custom races too. This way you wouldn`t necessarily need to use the skins of the existing races like in MOO 2, but could use an unique skin for your race. Also there could be a few diplomatic behavior profiles for these races as well for you to choose from to really make your own creation come to live. :)


Of course if you would want to take this even a step further there could be a race designer much like in, was it Galactic Civilizations II, where there was a ship designer which you could use to design the appearance of your ships pretty freely. But going this far would most likely just introduce major problems like do the player created races actually look any good and do they function properly in diplomacy. And would obviously require a lot of work.



Moreover, I advise that the tactical combat must be made more player controllable and informative for this to become a proper MOO game.


​The long lost formula for space 4X game success = Good tactical combat + good empire management > than just good tactical combat or good empire management alone.

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