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Tactical Combat, Terrain, Capturing Ships, Rewards and challenge.

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Stelar_7 #1 Posted 16 June 2016 - 11:11 PM


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Hey devs,


Here are a few things I think could be done within the current framework to make things really sing. I'll not belabor things like build queue saving, that would rock but others have talked it up and down, I also want it.


Ships and bases,


The AI ships are often sub par. Stations and Missile Bases and Ground Batteries too. Please have the AI differentiate between Point Defense space and Weapon Space. That way we won't get Missile bases with 30pd phasers and only 10 missiles. Please give the Missile base more missile space. It should have enough to fire 15 to 25 missiles. Same for the guns, Please don't call them Ground Batteries, they are in orbit, Cannon Base or Gun Satellite would be great. 


Space stations are feeling better on toughness, but they lack punch. They should hit like a Cruiser, with the upgrades being like a Battleship and Titan respectively.


The AI makes a lot of sub optimal weapon choices. Mixing missiles and guns is usually less good than having one or the other. 


Can we get an orbital fighter base please?


We have Marine pods, I'd like to be able to use them. Please add 10% or so to the structural hit points of every ship. When a ship is reduced in health to these ten, deactivate all it's guns, engines and any shield or armor repair. The ship is now "Crippled". Let units capable of boarding board and fight for such ships. 


Add a button to the left of the Combat UI next to the stop shooting button that directs the AI to stop shooting when an enemy ship is crippled. (It's cool if it doesn't always work, but the AI should try to not finish off the hulks and succeed most of the time with the big ships).


After the battle, let us have an option to board cripples, with our marines. A interface window similar to the planetary one, but please with information about marine strengths, should do. Combat teleporters can be re-added to the tech tree and give a bonus to boarding.


Crippled ships need to be repaired, at least minimally, to be moved from the sight of the battle. Let the space factories repair ships, time or BC to fix based on ship class. (For a real cool add in, assign ships four classes, (Living + Crew, Mechanical + Crew, Mechanical Life, Crystal) Each race gets assigned a ship class, so Humans, Terrans, Mrrshan, Darloks and Psilons all have Mechanical ships with crews. Klackons and Sakkra have living ships with crews, Meklar are the ship, no crew. Silicoids are crystal.. anyway we can research techs to be ale to use the ships of dissimilar races, The benefit for having a hard to use ship, like crystal is paid for by the inability to use the more common ships.


Now crippled ships, that can't be fixed or where the player decides not to, can be converted to BC. % of ship remaining health of value. 10,000 BC ship, at 8% health = 800BC.


Also on tactial, the asteroids and space clouds are cool, but too crowded. Nebulae should also be linked to something else, or be a nebula on the map and have that effect everywhere when fighting in a nebula system. Crippled ships become terrain, they should function like asteroids as cover. However we need to be able to have enough control of our ships to not shoot them if we are trying, it doesn't have to always work, but it needs to mostly work. (Extra fun drama as you swing wide to avoid more damage to the wrecked titan)


To add terrain, without having asteroids everywhere, please add "Orbital industry" buildings, and tech to the tree. We can have Orbital farms, for more food, orbital extractors, and orbital power collectors. They can either be on multiple branches, at the same level as the alternate tech use for ships, or be a tough choice on one or two levels. These orbital structures can then be represented in tactical combat, like the missile bases and space forts. We can even have civilian ships, from the export production ability, and just general civillian traffic, that can be there, get in the way and be targeted or not. Killing civilian ships, or space structures, like a solar farm, could even have negative diplomatic consequences.


Short version, lots of cool stuff can go into space around planets to give us complications and terrain without having to explain asteroids in orbit everywhere. Add some structures to the existing asteroid models, and show them as a mining project. Have a button to shoot through, or stop shooting through civilian structures. 


Great Job with the range slider in tactical. Please add a slider to let us control ship spacing in squads. Please also let us define "fleets" and "Squads" within those fleets. It's annoying not to have access to certain formations. Why do titans always break into groups of 2 and not ever 4?


Add a screen for fleet control, or do it at the ship construction level, so we can set AI behavior, the range the AI moves to, the squad, and formation. This will speed these tasks in tactical, and provide more accurate quick results for those inclined to push the quick button.



Ground combat.


I know you are planning to let us see the numbers. A better animation would be very well received. As we have cut scenes for Colonization, and for destruction, can we get one for conquest? A flag coming down over a city with battle damage, or members of one race surrendering to soldiers of the other. That would be extra awesome.


For Ground Combat, the Tanks don't currently seem to do anything. Also the tanks and mechs look a little goofy. Can the art be made a bit cooler? Race specific would be epic awesome. It's a little thing, but it really helps with immersion.


Also, please either let us have armor transports, and or, let the fighters, bombers and heavy bombers from the fleet participate. 


Next, fighting isn't always done in safe areas, there should be a chance for damage to buildings in an attack, and that chance should go up the more troops, and fighters and tanks are involved. It could even kill a population member or two.


Finally, Captured ships and colonies should yield technology present on them. The older MOO games let us gain tech from this, please let us do it now.

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