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Custom Race Option Needs Balancing

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Prrsha #1 Posted 07 July 2016 - 09:07 PM


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Many of the races are currently impossible to create or duplicate on the "custom race" feature of the game.  The vanilla counterparts have FAR too many points.  One of the worse offenders are the Terrans.  Let's have a breakdown on their traits and costs:


Militarist: 3 points

Strategists: 8 points

Beam Attack +25%: 4 points

Morale +20%: Not listed in custom races, but let's assume 4 points?

Total: 19 points


When creating a custom race you are only given only 10 points.


If I were to play against the Khan they would have near double the amount of racial points as I do.  How is that balanced?  They are not the only race too that shares this broken logic.  Is something planned down the pipeline to balance this?  Currently I am facing a major handicap when using a custom race against the AI and that makes things a tad difficult to test.  Could the point values for custom races be taken off temporarily so traits can be tested for balancing races properly?

Laegad #2 Posted 08 July 2016 - 07:48 AM


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Well, balance is not yet implemented.


Actually, if you watch he custom race screen, all races are actually unbalanced :

    Sakkra : 3 points (they certainly should not be uncreative ! = 5 points less for nothing)

    Alkary : 13+X with X>0

    Buralthi : 10+X+Y with X>0 and Y>0

    Darlok : 15

    Human : 14+X with X<0

    Klackon : 8

    Meklar : 14

    Mrrshan : 9+X with X>0

    Silicoid : 15+X with X>0

    Psilon : 12+X+Y with X<0 Y<0


But you don't have to watch the custom screen, because traits are not fixed-defined too.


- Most of trait regroup 2 traits and should be splited (grouping trait only reduce customization possibilities = unseless for the game)

- Some traits are missings (X and Y in this post - Planet size, Security level.... while some races are by default defined with these traits)

- Some traits should be created or deeply modified (i posted some subject about this in this forum - cybernetic, lithovore that could consume production as eat...)

- Some exclusive trait could be redefined... why i cannot create race with 2 uber biomes (imagine a race "creative" but only in terraforming) ?: Because you linked this with starting biomes => split all traits !


So, of course that need balance ! ... it is not yet done.


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Vahouth #3 Posted 08 July 2016 - 02:58 PM

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A lot of things are not yet implemented. The custom race screen is incomplete.

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