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Spoils of War

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diehardtwinsfan #1 Posted 22 August 2016 - 12:42 AM

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I'd like to throw out some ideas for ground combat spoils for the victors.  Given the new food structure, ground combat is more important than ever as repopulating planets takes a lot of time. I get that, and have no problems with it, but I really think there are some easy improvements that can be made here.


Capturing tech:  This was a hallmark of the MOO series in that taking over a planet usually gave you a chance at something good. I'd argue that this should scale to the type of planet taken over.  Simply put, a new planet with one pop and one or two structures shouldn't yield much, but a fully decked out planet should yield quite a bit.  Here's my proposal (note the numbers can be changed easily, I'm making some of this up).  I'm basing this off of structures and pop, but in theory you could use government building and science buildings.  Doesn't have to be too complex, but there should be some benefits to taking a planet.

  • Less than 4 pop with less than 8 structures: simple dice role, 33% chance at one tech, but this is a tech at the low end of the conquered race's tree.
  • More than 4 pop with less than 8 structures:  67% chance of a tech at the low end of the conquered races tree.
  • More than 8 pop with less than 16 structures: 2 dice roles, and 2 techs:  67% chance at the low end of the tree, and 50% chance at a tech above the bottom 3rd of the tree.
  • More than 12 pop with more than 16 structures:  67% chance at the low end of the tree.  67% chance at a tech in the mid tier. techs.
  • System Capitol: 3 dice roles, and 3 techs.  90% chance at a tech on the low end, 90% chance at a tech in the middle, and 75% chance at one of the race's newest techs.

Setting that aside, I think there should be other perks

  • Capturing a spy center should give a roll against the chance of catching each spy that is in your territory. If they have 3 stationed on your various planets, you get a roll against each spy with a 67% chance of instantly catching each one of their spies.
  • You get a 67% chance of revealing each of their defensive spies. They can move them for protection, but they don't know which ones you know about and which ones you don't.
  • In one of their planets where they have a defending spy and you have an active spy, you get a 3 turn assassination mission with a medium risk. If they move the spy, the 3 turns expire and you go back to whatever you were doing.  If they don't move it, you kill it at the end of 3 turns if you weren't caught.

Taking advantage of race perks.  You should be able to use conquered races to your benefits.

  • If you conquer and successfully convert a planet of Darloks, you're now able to train Darlok spies.
  • If you conquer the Bulrathi, then transports built on that planet have Bulrathi ground combat traits.
  • If you conquer Alkari, ships built at that planet have Alkari pilot traits, and so on and so forth.

Economic and RP plunder:  Based on the level of government on the planet, you should get some sort of bonus.

  • System capitols yield 50% of the conquered races' BC.
  • Major planets yield 10% of the conquered races' BC
  • Minor planets yield nothing.
  • Conquering a major planet wipes out 10% of their current research with a dice role and 50% chance of capturing a portion of this.  Bombing said planets will also wipe out that research.
  • Conquering a system capital wipes out 50% of their current research with a dice role and 75% chance of capturing a portion of this.


Omega_Weapon #2 Posted 22 August 2016 - 12:02 PM

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Game is already set for release. I don't think they care about suggestions anymore. They made the exact type of MOO game that they wanted from the beginning. We were bug testers for the most part.

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