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Changes to Research Speed


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Spud_Dastardly #1 Posted 03 December 2016 - 05:40 AM

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First let me say I'm loving all the new content in this new patch.  There is one thing that's bugging me though.  They increased the research points of all techs by 33% and increased the base research points per cell to 3 instead of 2.  I'm not sure I like this change.  


It weakens the benefit from buildings.  First, it significantly weakens the benefit from flat research buildings and artifacts worlds.  By increasing the research cost by about 1/3, you have essentially reduced the flat research bonus of research lab, deep sea cooling, etc. by about 25%.  Now it's not really worth it for the maintenance cost to build those buildings.  It's definitely not worth researching Supercomputer which was already too late in the tree to matter anyway.  It also weakens the buildings that add +1 research per tile, such as advanced data center, since previously those offered a 50% increase over base for each tile bonus and now only offer a 1/3 increase over base.  


At the same time, it makes early game research, which relies more on population, faster while making late game research, which relies on bonuses from buildings, slower.  


Finally, and this is totally an aesthetic thing, increasing it by 33% instead of 1/3 introduces a lot of unnecessary 9's all over the place (e.g. Galactic trading costs 795 instead of 800, Galactic economics costs 3990 instead of 4000).  It doesn't look nearly as nice as it did before.


I thought it was balanced about right before.

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Exoclyps #2 Posted 04 December 2016 - 06:32 AM


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I'm gonna run in here and kind of say I found the approach interesting actually. That said, I did completely revert it in my Tech AddOn, since I had already reached the same goal using another method.


So, I do think that late tech really needed an increase in cost to make the end game more interesting, and this change does provide an interesting way of reaching that goal. Since making buildings less rewarding your boosted research would be lessened and thus late research takes longer, which as said, is something I really think was necessary to make the end-game more interesting.


So comparing pre-patch and post-patch in an unmodded game. While true that all buildings are essentially 25% weaker, it still reaches the goal of making the end-game research take longer than before. And as thus I do think it is an improvement.


That said I'm not a huge fan of the method used. I actually like when we get big numbers from new buildings where it feels worthwhile to push a little extra to get that one extra research building before researching something else, and thus the way the goal was reached isn't the optimal way if you ask me. On that point I agree completely with Spud. And yeah, the numbers really should have been rounded up, we're not in a supermarket looking at prices that is trying to trick you into being lower than what they actually are.


So rather than just upping the base research I think the better way would have been to incrementally increase the costs on the various research nodes. I personally modded it to the point where the last nodes before Planar Transcendence cost 15000 research point. And even then it only took me about 5 turns to research the node by the time I was in that stage of the game. I was using +30% Research Bonus though, but still just in the middle of the flock.

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