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Mods suggestions & bugs

Mods suggestions bugs

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trbeier #1 Posted 17 December 2016 - 12:00 AM


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Hi Folks,  :-)


I was trying to increase the Darloks spy abilities, but no matter how much I multiplied the value: in the yaml file, the spying got worse.  So, I finally reversed the polarity on the value: and it finally started working.  So, you might want to update this in your next release:

Block Quote

           - key: perk_espionage_leveling_rate
            category: PERK_CATEGORY_ESPIONAGE
            isHiddenPerk: true
            valueType: float
            displayOrder: 0
              - value: 0
              - displayName: ESPIONAGE_LOW_NAME
                description: ESPIONAGE_LOW_DESCRIPTION
                value: -0.1
                score: -1
                displayIcon: assets/racial_traits/espionage_low.png
              - displayName: ESPIONAGE_HIGH_NAME
                description: ESPIONAGE_HIGH_DESCRIPTION
                value: 0.1
                score: 2
                displayIcon: assets/racial_traits/espionage_high.png
              - displayName: ESPIONAGE_MAXIMUM_NAME
                description: ESPIONAGE_MAXIMUM_DESCRIPTION
                value: 0.2
                score: 4
                displayIcon: assets/racial_traits/espionage_maximum.png



Also, your Ludicrous Speed mod, increases production 100 times, but almost stops research and population growth.  The values are not simply increased, you use 3 different types of multipliers, I used in my Warp Speed mod the following with the formula in the comment:

Block Quote

 - collection: &Backend.Core.ResearchSpeed
        - key: research_speed_warp3
          name: WARP3
          multiplier: 0.33   # = 1 / warp
- collection: &Backend.Core.PopulationGrowthSpeed
        - key: population_growth_speed_warp3
          name: WARP3
          value: -0.67  # = (1 / warp) - 1
- collection: &Backend.Core.ProductionSpeed
        - key: production_speed_warp3
          name: WARP3
          multiplier: 3  # = warp


Also, to make mods more compatible, can we add a mechanism to quote the current object values, and add something, such as:


Block Quote

           - key: race_alkari
            type: MajorCivilization
            isAvailable: true

               - Quote # or Copy or Duplicate or something?
               - racialPerk: perk_alkari
                 level: 1 

Would copy the original values and add the perk_alkari as in:

Block Quote

           - key: race_alkari
            type: MajorCivilization
            isAvailable: true
               # - racialPerk: perk_militarist
                 # level: 1
               - racialPerk: perk_natural_pilots
                 level: 1
               - racialPerk: perk_homeworld_artifact
                 level: 1
               - racialPerk: perk_homeworld_size
                 level: 2
               - racialPerk: perk_alkari
                 level: 1 


This would allow us to both copy an original, or simply replace all the values by not copying it.


Thanks for your time.  :-)

   - Tony.

“Impossible is not a word. It's just a reason for someone not to try.”
- Kutless

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