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A list of Suggestions

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____Skywalker____ #41 Posted 03 July 2017 - 09:15 PM


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I haven't had time to read all the replied in this thread so apologies if I duplicate ... I have been playing this game for about a week now and was an avid MOO2 (and turn based strategy) fan back in the day.


The game is a really good base platform, extremely crisp interface, simple to play, sexy enough ... but its missing a lot of things that make other games in the genre interesting ... also some very basic things that make moo interesting!



- Cinematic combat is really hard to follow and stutters alot ... the devs could easily make this more pleasant to watch.


Minor races:

- More interaction with minor races would be great ... 

- Bonuses: Minor race bonuses are garbage ... who wants a +3 food bonus on all planets in the system when the planets in the system are rubbish?   Make the planets in minor race systems better ... maybe make the bonuses apply to the whole empire and encourage more "competition" to win minor races.


Planet bonuses:

- Gold, Artifacts, etc ... to be honest once a planet is colonised, its hard to realise the benefits of these resources.   Can the devs make them something that can be traded among major races?  So far the only actual resource is $$$


Space monsters:

- I find Space monsters guarding systems with rubbish planets ... improve the planets in Space Monster systems to give more incentive to beat them?

- Bonus for killing space monster, a nice sum of gold or a technology?  Or something else?



All in all the groundwork has been put down for a great game ... only minor tweaks required to make it so much better.  I hope the developers are still working on this game and have taken some of the feedback on board!   And I really hope and major updates are not going to be DLC ... after 1 week I'm already getting bored of the game because it lacks a lot of basic things I expect from a turn-based strategy. :(

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