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UCP 5 Released

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WhatIsSol #1 Posted 14 May 2017 - 07:39 AM


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You can find it on nexus: http://www.nexusmods...stars/mods/30/?


***** Fixes Included in this patch *****
Bug.0005: Tactical Options Popup screen ignores the check box "Don't show this again" and always just turns itself off
Fix.0005: Made that check box actually work correctly


Bug.0005: "Galactic Currency Exchange" and "Interplanetary Security Transmitter" not having their benefit calculated for AI building
Fix.0005: Added in logic to have their benefit considered for building order


Bug.0005: ShipBuilding Screen displays too many decimal places in certain place for module size
Fix.0005: Formated size to fixed 2 decimal places [Tooltip.SWF, ShipBlueprintManagement.SWF] <optional>


Bug.0005: Ships not decloaking when they fire, but decloaking when they are moving; Phasing Cloack/Cloaking field basic work as same thing
Fix.0005: Corrected logic, added avoidance and missileavoidance values to cloaking field


Bug.0005: Ameoba attack ratings are way too low, causing AI to kill themselves fighting it
Fix.0005: Increased attack ratings calculation for ameoba attacks - this only affects the calculated chance of victory, no affect in actual combat against monster


Bug.0005: AI not using Blackhole generator
Fix.0005: Fixed usage logic for blackhole generator special


Bug.0005: Antaran Defense Fleet - Cruiser and Frigate numbers are flipped
Fix.0005: Corrected the flip


Bug.0005: Fleet Leader Bonus - Incorrectly being divided by 10
Fix.0005: Changed to make the bonus divide by 100 as it is supposed to do. <Made to be Auto-Compatible with Spud Dastardly's Mod>


Bug.0005: Tech - Telepathic Training adding to Spy Offensive ability
Fix.0005: Removed this as it is only supposed to provide an experience bonus


Bug.0005: AI Pollution Structure - AI is incorrectly evaluating the demand for these structures causing them to build in incorrect order
Fix.0005: Removed high static value from build order evaluation for pollution reduction structures


Bug.0004: Empire Security Tooltip - some values where not being correctly rounded
Old.0004: Properly formatted them to match other screens


Bug.0004: Option - Bug Report
Old.0004: Removed option from the game (for this mod) - I do not want people reporting errors to NGD that I might have caused


Bug.0004: AI is not offering trade treaties
Old.0004: Adjusted chances that the AI will, by adjusting its cost/profit ratio


Bug.0004: AI is overvaluing trade/research treaties - you can make insane lopsided deals
Old.0004: Changed calculation so it is more of a neutral decision


***** Enhancements *****
Add.0005: Ship Naming - Increased length of possible names and allowed the space character [ShipBlueprintManagement.SWF] <optional>


Add.0005: Trade/Research Treaty - Added per-turn yield to tooltips


Add.0005: Empire Research Tooltip - Added missing catagory for research treaties that are currently active.


Add.0005: AI Spending Habits - Adjusted some spending habits on when the AI would rush buy starbase and perform normal ship upgrades


Old.0004: Combat Fleet Toolip - Added Information on ships on the Fleet Combat Screen.


Old.0004: Military Outpost Tooltip - Added a tooltip for the outposts detailing attack and defense ratings as well as hull integrity of the structure.


Old.0004: Changed game logic from only display "starbase" icon above planet to any orbital defensive structures. Added the missing defensive (missile base and orbital batteries) structures to the list. I got tired of attacking planets and going - wow they have a missile base. Also added the attack/defense/hull ratings to these as well.


Old.0004: Victory Screen - You can now see victory conditions rankings even if that victory type is disabled. [PathToVictory.SWF] <optional>


Old.0004: Settings Save/Load - Game now recalls most but not all your settings. So if for instance you do not like pirates turn it off in advanced and from then on every game you play will have it turned off.


Old.0004: Invading Planets Capture Tech - After invasion is done there is a possibility of you acquiring a piece of tech from the enemy.


Old.0004: Colony Invasion - Removed drop ship mechanic, adjusted combat formula to compensate (thanks Spud), now shows when the attacker troops are killed. Added graphic of bombing while this was going on just to give you something to watch. Requires ColonyAttack.SWF ! This mod will fail to work properly without this installed.


Old.0004: Planet Food Tooltip - Added internal game values of life points current / needed for next population. (In Config.cfg add "UIShowRawData = True" to [UCP] section)


Old.0004: ShipBlueprint Tooltip - As a small tooltip to your ships so you can tell the difference between Frigate III and Frigate IV. Shows Leaders Stat info as well. [Requires: FleetControl.SWF] <Optional>


Old.0004: New Game - Changed to just auto select a random race, corrected issue so only playable races will be selected. [Requires: RaceSelection.SWF] <Optional>


Old.0004: Combat Colony - Added attack and defense numbers for marines and armor on the screen. TODO: Missing Leader Bonuses for now. Actually I want to rework this enhancement using the tooltips.


Old.0004: Civil Transports - Made it clearer what race a civil transport is carrying, just added the passenger race to the end of the ship name.


Old.0004: Intro - Shortened intro - so game loads faster, technically just aborting movie at start and turning off audio. Not the best fix, but about as much effort as I wanted to put on this.


Old.0004: Version Info - Modified main menu version # so it is obvious that this mod is installed.


Old.0004: Trade Treaty - Moved this from Economic to Diplomatic budget line item for the AI.


Old.0004: NextTurnSound Option - I hate the next turn sound, gives me a headache. Added a new config option in the config.cfg file, just add "NextTurnSound = STARMAP_CLICK" in the [SOUND] section (at the end) after the entry for Music. (Note if this line is missing you will still get that annoying gong sound). Made an option since some people might like that and was wondering how it would work out.


Old.0004: Audience Message Box - They spent all this time animating the models and then placed a dialog box on top of it. This just moves to the top left. [Requires: Audiance.SWF] <Optional>

Laegad #2 Posted 14 May 2017 - 02:41 PM


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Thanks for all your job !


WhatIsSol #3 Posted 18 May 2017 - 12:57 PM


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Exoclyps: In case you are still following this forum


I wanted to let you know in the next release of UCP 5.1,  I finally added that fix for the Biome types to game.  So now instead of reading the key it is pulling from classType for determination. 


For anyone else reading this means new planet biome types can be added via mods without having their bar ratings show up as blank.

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Partythenwork #4 Posted 22 August 2017 - 11:43 PM


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when are they going to make whatissol's unofficial patch like part of the actual game?  instead of this running around and funny patching i think they (the developers) should just push this as the standard for the game.


also i think it would be great if they gave the option for a different type of drive which doesn't use star lanes, but make them really slow.  i know that starlanes are strategic in the sense that it allows you to turtle up with military outposts, but there should be an option to travel without star lanes.  we already do it whenever we are exploring an anomaly

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Spud_Dastardly #5 Posted 23 August 2017 - 02:04 PM

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I agree, but they probably won't ever incorporate UCP into the official game unless they decide to do another official patch themselves, which seems unlikely at this point. All of his work would have to go through quality assurance, approvals from the devs in charge of the game, and a bunch of other bureaucratic stuff I'm sure to get approved as an official release, and I don't think they're willing to go to the trouble.


Off road travel would be nice. Maybe he'll get to it eventually. I think he was hoping to do stuff like rally points, custom build queues, and of course more bug fixes first though.

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CptSkyhawk #6 Posted 12 September 2017 - 01:53 PM


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Is there a trick to downloading this mod?  I used to use it all the time a year ago, but now I can't seem to download it.  The link takes me to a website with no download link.


EDIT:  Figured it out, I had to sign up for an account over there, which I don't remember ever doing.  I am a bit miffed about everything being a .7z file which I don't feel like downloading an extractor for...I guess I'll use Spud's mod without this.

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WhatIsSol #7 Posted 12 September 2017 - 08:55 PM


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@CptSkyhawk : As I make updates to the game the needed patch size increases. UCP now up to version 5.4 some of the needed patch file's size exceeds a nexus defined limit. Nexus requires a logon to download any file over 2MB.


7z was just picked as the compressor cause when I did my initial testing it produced smaller files. I use 7-zip myself from 7-zip.org.

WhatIsSol #8 Posted 12 September 2017 - 08:58 PM


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If anyone is interested here are the updates from v5 to v5.4:


***** Fixes Included in this patch *****

Bug. Tactical Combat Lockups/Crash - Found another source of common lockups during tactical battles, in certain situations I could force a lockup/application crash about 70-80% of the time.  It is a timing issue, and related to some of my previous comments about race conditions in the code
Fix. Removed redundant and frequent UI refresh logic (which also has a minor speed boost) and put additional safe guards around some tactical objects - this is not perfect and would not consider done, but is much more stable than before, IMO


Bug. Tactical Combat sometimes show inaccurate weapon modifiers on button tool-tip (especially noticeable on first ship selected at start of combat)
Fix. Corrected setting so the proper mods are show


Bug. Combat Colony visible but non-functional buttons for "MindControl" and "Destroy Planet" when you are the defender
Fix. If you are not the attacker those buttons will be hidden


Bug. FE_SKIPPED is missing, seen when tell a fleet to skip its turn on the fleet control panel
Fix. Added missed localization text for this tag.


Bug. Notifications can significantly add to start of turn lag (recorded over 67 seconds for displaying them)
Fix. Removed redundant notification refreshes going on, reduced the time from 67 seconds to 20 ms in the test save I was using.


Bug. Stellar Converter in tactical battles requires manual activation - so the AI never uses it.
Fix. Added game logic to allow for the auto usage of the Stellar Converter


Bug. Energy Absorber requires manual activation - so the AI never uses it.
Fix. Added game logic to allow for the auto usage of the energy absorber


Bug. Ship Blueprint Manager Fighters/Bombers/Heavy Bombers - DPS are the bottom of the edit screen always displays zero
Fix. Corrected this display issue


Bug. Ship Blueprint Manager Weapons - Production Cost increase not showing up for MIRV, Heavy Mount, or Semi-Guided modifier tool-tips
Fix. Corrected this tool-tip miss


Bug. Found tactical/auto-resolve a condition that could stop a ship from moving, but be out of range/arc for all weapons.  The ship would just sit there until destroyed.
Fix. Game is zeroing out the linear velocity of the ship under certain condition but at the same time also zeroing out its angular velocity incorrectly.  Thus removing the ship's ability to rotate.  Corrected this so the ship will rotate correctly to bring it weapons to bear.


Bug. Ship Blueprint Management Screen allows for redundant (ignored) modules to be installed for example: ECM Jammer and Wide-Area ECM Jammer on the same ship (only one will be used in combat)
Fix. Changed screen so redundant modules like this are not show - current categories are: jammer, inertial, cloaking, and displacement.  Full mod support to add others categories.


Bug. Linux Only - Game is forcing full screen mode on intro movies and leaving the app in full screen
Fix. Linux Only - Disabled this logic as its only point that I can tell is to piss the user off


Bug. Tactical Deployment not using correct setting for SMALL combat zone
Fix. Corrected


Bug. Sometimes the AI ships fly in a straight line and will not engage enemy fleet
Fix. The AI ships are getting stuck in a movement order, added logic to keep increasing their scanning range until enemy fleet is detected


Bug. Attack Rating Calculations fluctuate widely if weapon slots are added due to how the game is calculating Average Weapon Penetration
Fix. Removed the calculation for average weapon penetration and dispersed that logic to each individual weapon slot so that the value will be more accurate


Bug. Timeline Graph disconnect between graph data and drop down when graph is revisited (graph always defaults to SCORE, but the dropdown remains the same)
Fix. Just set the dropdown to also default to SCORE


Bug. Editing multiple Blueprints under certain conditions will result in the ship's role being set to a different role
Fix. Fixed the one case of this that I could find that was reproducible - not sure if it corrects in all cases


Bug. Spawned Pirates bases do not show up if playing race with omniscience (initial bases or bases upon load appear, but not re-spawns)
Fix. Corrected this issue, by sending notifications to all omniscience races about the spawned pirate base


Bug. Tactical Controls Overhaul (take 1) - corrected a number of issues with current controls - such as the Speed Slider not working, the Range Slider going to an impossible state, and various other issues
Fix. This is a basic overhaul of this functionality.  How much controls you have over your ships now depends upon your ship selection.  You have to go to squadron level if you want to control weapons, specials, reformation, setting roles, etc.


Bug. AI does not ask for prisoner exchange due to it not allocating that deal to an expense category and thus not willing to spend BC on it
Fix. Assigned prisoner exchange to ESPIONAGE transaction type.  UPDATE: This is not a final fix - apparently found that the AI is not adding this deal to its possible deals, will fix in a later release


Bug. Colony set to Production Focus assigns too many workers to food production (Especially noticeable for races like Silicoid, who get unneeded farmers)
Fix. Corrected logic so that is only assigned needed amount of workers to farming


Bug. Plasma Web functionality does not match in game description
Fix. Corrected clinging nature of the web attack, lack of armor penetration on damage, and splash radius being too small


Bug. ARMOR_PENETRATION_LOWER_CAP global.yaml is not being correctly loaded
Fix. Fixed error in the load value for this setting (This is a modding fix since the normal yaml setting matches the games internal default)


Bug. AI and Autobuild will build food producing structures on planets that do not need them (mainly seen with conquered planets)
Fix. Checks a colony's food consumption needs and if zero sets structure score for food production to zero as well


Bug. Pulsar and Plasma Web Attack Rating calculations seem to be off
Fix. Adjusted formula to take in effect the area of the splash radius (previous modification just used the radius of the splash area). Looks more accurate


Bug. Ameoba attack/defense ratings are still too low, causing AI to kill themselves fighting it
Fix. Increased attack/defense ratings calculation for ameoba trying to simulate the splitting of this monster into sub-monsters


Bug. Auto-Resolve Time is too short
Fix. Increased the length of time this will run from 25 seconds to 60 seconds to avoid it timing out and falling back to mock simulation


Bug. Blackhole generator use by AI is using the wrong range value (pulling from a global instead of what is in the WeaponTypes.yaml)
Fix. Corrected range to properly use what is setup in the WeaponTypes.yaml file


Bug. Torpedoes initial attack vector is being calculated incorrectly (leading them to be widely inaccurate)
Fix. Corrected initial attack vector and also adjusted for FAST modifications


Bug. PD Effective Calculation for Multiple Weapon Slots yields odd defense calculation
Fix. Corrected it so that it is now average the weapon slots PD damage instead of summing it.  So 4 PD Lasers in 1 slot vs 2 PD Lasers in 2 slots will yield same defense score.


Bug. When a colony is invaded, the colony owner changes before the structures are destroyed that are non-transferable.  This causes problems with certain structure abilities.
Fix. Reordered the change of owner and structure destruction.  This is really a 5x mod fix


Bug. AI Pollution Structure - Adjusted the value both for the AI and for the player AutoBuild
Fix. Removed constant value entirely from calculation


Bug. Racial Bonus to Espionage Risk is reducing offensive spy capability
Fix. Corrected flipped sign; added defensive logic to work with 5x mod


Bug. Encountered a NAN error during a tactical battle causing battle to stop
Fix. Put some defense code logic to avoid this in SetDestiny code.  These look almost like race conditions in the code to me.


Bug. Encountered a division by zero error during a tactical  battle causing battle to stop
Fix. Put some defense code logic to avoid this case in the OrderUseModule GetTarget code.  These look almost like race conditions in the code to me.


Bug. Encountered a NullReferenceException during a tactical  battle causing battle to stop
Fix. Placed some defensive code in the two routines that showed up on the log FillSpecialsButtons and FillSelectedSquadronInfo.  These look almost like race conditions in the code to me. UPDATE: This was an effect not a cause of the larger issue


Bug. When the MIRV missile split into fragment, the fragments would loss all missile modifications
Fix. Added missing code to re-enable FAST, ARMORED, and ECCM benefits to missile fragments.


Bug. Missile modification ARMORED is not working
Fix. Added missing code to adjust missile health


Bug. Fighters sometimes circle around empty space for the entire battle
Fix. Corrected endless loop on orbitattack, fighters will now break from it and perform further actions


Bug. Missile modification FAST is not working
Fix. Adjusted logic to modify maxVelocity instead of velocity


Bug. Wide Area Jammer not given main defense benefit to equipped ship only the fleet bonus is working
Fix. Corrected missing check for wide area jammer in ships missile defense calculations


Bug. Research Treaties - Cost is prohibitively expensive as it is summing the cost of all previous research items
Fix. Adjusted Research Treaties to work basically the same as trade treaties - much lower cost, now affordable throughout the game (or at least as affordable as trade treaties)


Bug. Attack calculations are off for ships due to a leader bonus bug (present or not-present), resulting in missiles rating higher than beams
Fix. Corrected leader bonus issue in attack calculations


Bug. Missile/Torpedo Modification ECCM is doing nothing as it is reading the wrong value from the yaml file
Fix. Adjusted logic to read in the correct value


Bug. MIRV is doing excessive damage, logic is making each fragment do the same damage as the full missile, supposed to double damage overall, so with 4 fragments each should be doing 1/2 main missile damage
Fix. Corrected damage of MIRV fragments in tactical battle


***** Enhancements *****
Chg. Combat Colony - Completely redid the logic for calculating leader bonuses and the enhanced combat colony labels


Chg. Disabled Tobii EyeTracking (Windows) at least on my sytsem that is causing a good deal of general UI lag


Chg. Tactical Battles - Added back mass hold button functionality


Add. AI will now use a Stellar Converter to destroy a planet.  Currently the Antaran's will always do this and the other races will do it based off their unused racial setting of stellarConverterInclination (0-10) where
10 = 100% chance.


Chg. Modified overkill value from 2.5 to 1.65; just seeing if this reduces the targeting overkill


Add. Updated ship blueprint editing and weapon tool-tips to show adjusted numbers for weapons for installed weapon modifications


Add. Added notification popup for Science Victory, indicating Who, What, and Where very similar to the Economic Victory notifications.  I got tired of being blind-sighted about this victory condition by the AI.


Add. Added logic to allow modders to let the AI upgrade special modules on a ship template, but only allow one of them.   So they can add Mult-wave ECM Jammer and ECM Jammer and the game will use the first

one of the list that it knows


Add. Added on the Empire Management Screen tooltips for the little icons that appear below a planet's name - shows stuff like revolt, gravity issues, assimulating population, etc.


Chg. Tutorial - Removed link on single player game to the tutorial since it is hopelessly broken


Add. Added on the Empire Management Screen indication that a colony has a moon (shows up with the special resource text under the colony's name)


Add. Added tooltips for Civilian, Military, Bombs, and Marine Icons on the Fleet Control Panel since this is a common question


Chg. Torpedoes reduced spread to make them more accurate at longer range


Add. Production/Research Focus - Modified these planet focus so that it will attempt for minor population growth (assuming the planet is not full and the planet is occupied by races that need food)


Add. TechTree - Made the known techs border a brighter yellow and a bit thicker, hoping this emphasizes which techs your race actually knows, mainly trying to emphasize for nodes that contrain branch choices


Add. AutoCast - Toggled AutoCast of specials on, otherwise specials like "automated repair" have to be turned on manually or they will not work


Add. Colony Production Queue - Set to be enabled by default, I know I turn it on at the start of ever game


Add. Tactical Combat Squadron Selector Keys - Added keys "[" and "]" to cycle though your squadrons (Prev/Next)


Fix. Star Fortress not displaying the attack/defense/hull ratings corrected this mistake


Add. Antaran Attack Fleet - Made the target colony be random instead of always targeting the location of the civilization's largest fleet.


Add. Ship Blue Prints - Reduced the number of bombs the AI likes to put on its ships, thus increasing there combat capability in fleet battles.


Add. Fighters Re-targeting - If fighters still have ammo left and the ship squadron they where attacking is destroyed they will re-target another enemy instead of returning to home ship.  Basically gives them free dauntless type capabilities.


Chg. Military Outpost Tooltip - Moved tooltip higher to not overlap combat chances.

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FlyinAlex #9 Posted 14 September 2017 - 07:11 AM


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Just wanted to say Big THANK YOU for supporting the game even after Devs appear to have given up on it... Very much appreciated!

Ozymandyus #10 Posted 26 September 2017 - 01:18 AM


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Sol, were you still planning on releasing an update to UCP today?  I'm planning my next play-through around when this is available.  :)

WhatIsSol #11 Posted 26 September 2017 - 11:59 AM


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I do not currently have a release date for UCP 5.5.

Ozymandyus #12 Posted 28 September 2017 - 03:58 AM


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View PostWhatIsSol, on 26 September 2017 - 11:59 AM, said:

I do not currently have a release date for UCP 5.5.


All righty, thanks for letting me know!  For some reason I had it in my head I'd read somewhere that you were releasing it on 26 Sept.

WhatIsSol #13 Posted 28 September 2017 - 07:41 PM


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If I somehow implied a release date, I'm sorry about that.  I probably should think about packaging up my current list of changes and getting them out.  Just have not had time to work on it lately due to some real world issues going on.

WhatIsSol #14 Posted 02 October 2017 - 10:18 PM


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Thought I would say I'm working on a target release of Oct 14th

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