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Newb: How is the AI getting so many colonies and ships?

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Jodet #1 Posted 16 May 2017 - 04:35 PM


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1st game, playing on 'easy'.   And the AI has seven colonies to my four and LOTS of ships.  I just ran into a fleet of EIGHT FRIGATES. 


How is this even possible?   I've already hit my commander points limit - do they not have one?  (How do you bump that up, btw - research?)   


The your new colony can't do anything for 35-45 turns is killing me.   I always buy a farm on new colonies to try and speed up the (LONG) time it takes to get that second citizen.  


Any other tips for a new player?    It sure is hard to find decent planets to colonize - do you just settle for settling on poor planets?  


Any comments welcome.   Am enjoying the game but wish I wasn't so far behind.   

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Spud_Dastardly #2 Posted 16 May 2017 - 05:32 PM

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The AI isn't bad once you get used to it. It's only aggressive as long as it sees you as a weak target. Star bases generate command points by the way; you need to build more of those. The AI actually gets a penalty to command point generation, but since they have so many more planets, they will have built more star bases. 


It's important to expand fast early. About food generation, basically you have to build up a certain amount of surplus food in order to reach the next population, and the amount of food starts very high, then decreases until you hit half of max population where it is at it's minimum (fastest population growth), and after that the amount of food required to hit the next population increases until the planet is full. This means that you need a lot less food to from from 2 to 3 population than from 1 to 2 population, the optimal population for maximum growth speed is half of max population, and the last couple population on a planet will take a long time as well. 


So here's what I would suggest. With every colony ship you send out, send out one or two civil transports to help populate the new colony. Build the colony ships and civil transports and colonies that already have high population so you maximize growth on your developed planets as well. It also helps to buy an automated factory for a new colony immediately after you land to help jump start things (or hydroponic farm/biospheres in the case of radiated/toxic/volcanic planets so you can immediately transport in a second colonist and not starve). 


And don't be too picky about which ones you colonize. Sometimes you want to colonize in a system just because it is a choke point and not because there is any particularly good planet there. And when you run out of good or strategic planets, colonize everything else since more colonies just gives you more money, research, and score. For those lesser colonies, I tend to use auto build to prevent micromanagement from getting out of hand.


You can find other tips here: https://steamcommuni...s/?id=765587684

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WildPotatoMage #3 Posted 19 May 2017 - 03:14 AM


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You have to be aggressive to survive.


If you're playing a high morale race, I prefer Terrans myself, you can set your taxes to 5 (Max) right from the start and you definitely should because Buyout is key to winning.


Depending on what you set your maps to will determine how well you can expand and how well buyout will work.  On smaller maps or maps with a lot of dead worlds it's harder to buyout due to lacking population.


The first planet you should scout for (If you are playing Pre-Warp then don't bother making scouts, just use frigates) is one that you can use as your starter shipyard to do nothing but churn out Frigates ASAP.  Give it a starbase and ensure it has decent production and enough food to keep it at roughly pop 3-5 for starters.


Your homeworld is where you'll spam colony ships  You won't be able to support a dead world with just a colony at the start due to lacking food and building tech so don't waste time trying to make civilian transports for anything below Arid, again Terran experience your racial preference may mean different world types.  But don't spam too many ships from your homeworld or you'll risk running out of farmers to regrow pop and workers to make the ships.  Every so often give it time to regrow and during that build infrastructure buildings on the homeworld.  Ensure the homeworld has an Automated Factory the turn it's available to save a Pop for Farming instead of Industry.


You'll want to buyout frigates to your CP or close to it, leave some space for transports and Military Bases, and at least one Space Factory who will do nothing but create Asteroid/Gas MINES not research stations MINES at the start to get your economy going and have the ships to defend it.  But only create mines once you have every starlane covered by a Military Base.  Yes.  Every, single, one.  An enemy fleet will not be eager to blitz even half its number of ships if there is a military base too, though the AI may try to extort tech on threat of war instead of outright declaring war.


On every colony you make you'll want to buyout the Automated Factory first.  That way you can construct the Biosphere and Research Lab (where pretty much all of your early research will come from) without taking farmers away. Then the barracks to keep that morale up for your 3rd Pop and possibly a Star Base to get more CP if the planet isn't U-Poor/Poor.  Then you can worry about specializing the world based on how it is made.  


High food worlds (And U-Poor/Poor) should be focused on population for taxes and research.

U-Rich/Rich worlds make ideal shipyard planets.  If they have a Production Special resource and a Moon then they are even more valuable.  Even Abundant worlds with a Special Resource will suffice, though Moons require some set up and a tech you won't get normally without creative.  You get Moon Lab to spam everywhere for the research, you can always steal or trade for Orbital Shipyards but not if you fall behind in tech.

All other planets are really just for population spamming for taxes and research stacking through buildings and excess pop turned researchers. 


Don't waste turns on Production Goods, there is ALWAYS something to build and if not, build more Missile spamming Frigates/Troop Transports.  Some might disagree but I'm a huge warmonger and I need every frigate/troop I can get once Dauntless Guidance comes into play.


If the AI is aggressive, and on higher diff they always are, wait for your first neighbor to send his attack fleet.  Ensure a handful of frigates sit on every System into your area of control with a Military Base on the lane, not a Starbase on the planet you don't want the AI to just go around and hunt for undefended worlds.  And wait on the planet for him to approach the military base (If the AI sees the Base AND Fleet on the starlane it might not attack it).  This will bait him into sending a woefully unprepared fleet to attack the military base and then once he starts his advance you can move the fleet in to wait for him and wipe him out once he arrives.  Then move the fleet in proper and start taking undefended worlds from him to boost your economy.  Due note that more than one neighbor may try this and you should never be at war with more than one.  Spamming frigates and playing defensive early will help you decide if you can follow up an AI attack with a war.  If it seems like a bad idea try to wait for them to negotiate peaceful terms with you on their own as this means they are going to attack a different race since you are not weak.


Due note that Non-Aggressive Pacts and Alliances are totally worthless if you appear weak or close to winning.  If the AI thinks it can beat you, it will try to.  Never trust them, never let your CP dip below 75% in military ships of decent quality, and never fail to use the AI for Trade deals/TechTrades/and to take a beating for you in wars while you snipe the colonies.


Also missile spamming frigates/Destroyers are STILL stupidly powerful.  Use torpedo boat Cruisers to crack stations (You can save space on guided torps since the stations are, in fact, stationary.....well relative to you not to the gravital drifting that all matter....nevermind) Just steal or trade the armor tech as needed and once you get Dauntless?  It's GG.


In short, Aliens are all jerks and you should conquer them for the Khanate.

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