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The Aliens of the Galaxy (And why you should conquer them)

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WildPotatoMage #1 Posted 19 May 2017 - 04:21 AM


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For those of you who might feel that the alien races of the galaxy will adhere to peace negotiations or talks of friendly co-existence, the members of the Terran Khanate would like to send a friendly PSA to all sentients on the dangers of living in a galaxy filled with insidious non-Terran life.  And why they need to be brought to understand the glory of the Terran Khanate.


Alkari: Vain and arrogant, the Alkari are an avian race who prides themselves on being great warriors and skilled pilots.  This attitude merely highlights the races inherent love of violence and should only serve to demonstrate how dangerous they are to civilized orderly society.  Without the guidance of the Khanate their warlike ways would bring ruin to the Galaxy and the Terran people.


Bulrathi:  Brutish and savage Ursine creatures, the Bulrathi view Terran life as inferior and would attempt to slaughter all innocent law-abiding Terrans at the first moment of weakness.  Indeed, like an animal they would pounce without hesitation or thought if they saw an advantage.  Thankfully however, Terran discipline ensures no moments of such weakness and our naval forces stand ever vigilant to pacify all Bulrathi aggression.  


Darloks: Sinister shapeshifters, the Darlok are as treacherous as they are enigmatic.  But whatever schemes they concoct one thing is certain.  They plan the downfall of the Khanate to further their own heinous goals.  Fear not, for Terran Security is the greatest in all the Galaxy and the Khanate is ready to unravel and defeat all Darlok plots and send them back into the shadows.


Humans: Our far-flung cousins from the distant past.  The Humans have become a weak and complacent people.  Willing to barter with xenos, not only with credits and resources, but with their very lives.  By resorting to words they exemplify the traits the Terrans have shed through years of hardship and accomplishment, Humans exemplify weakness and cowardice.  To conquer this misguided race and bring the guidance of the Khanate to them is testament to both our compassion and mercy for the unfortunate children of our ancient homeworld.


Klackons: A wretched Hive of bugs and villainy, the Klackon represent a mind and society that is truly alien.  Disgusting in nature and lacking regard for the individual the Klackon devote all to their nebulous Hive Mind and seek to spread their warped society across the galaxy.  The Khanate will not allow this perversion to spread to the greater galaxy, the discipline and strength of the Khanate will be what unifies the galaxy.


Meklar: Cold and heartless, the Meklar are a race that have devoted themselves to machine forms.  They dedicate their lives to cold-logic and to ruthless exploitation of the galaxies resources.  If they felt it within their power they would destroy the Khanate over a handful of statistical estimates.  But you cannot measure a Terrans spirit nor a Terrans courage through simple mathematics.  This is why the Will of the Khanate will bring peace and order instead of the machinations of a heartless machine.


Mrrshan: Primal and vicious, the Mrrshan are a wild race of bestial creatures who seek to torment the galaxy through pointless wars that serve only to weaken us all.  Fitting that the Mrrshan address themselves as a Pride for it is pride and misguided desires for glory that drive them to kill out of sport and sadism.  Through the discipline of Terran law our people stand ready to tame these creatures and forge an age of peace for all of the Khanate.


Pslion: A timid and diminutive race, the Psilon possess a devilish intelligence that they use to analyze their surroundings.  To them all life exists to be studied and cataloged without regard for compassion or ethics.  They exploit what they can with their fiendish inventions and destroy all else.   The Engineers Corps of the Khanate are fully capable of creating the tools necessary to defend our people and our brave members of the Khanate Security keep a keen watch on the Psilons mad science, to ensure nothing can threaten our great people.


Sakkra:  Vicious and gluttonous, the Sakkra are a race of lizard-like beasts who seek to spread their vile broods across all worlds with the sole goal of consuming all that they can grasp within their claws.  Short-sighted and vile the Sakkra would not hesitate to devour whole worlds or their inhabitants once they set foot on a planet.  Thankfully, with the might of the Khanate military our people are fully capable of crushing these verminous amphibians and keeping the peace for all Terrans.


Silicoids:  Unfeeling and soulless the Silicoids are a race that are fittingly entirely stone.  Indeed the Silicoid are a hidebound people who are convinced that all organic life is a pest to be exterminated.  With a heart of stone the Silicoids would crush all Terran life were it not for the strength of the Khanate to turn these monsters into dust.


Elerians: Insidious and cruel, the Elerians are perhaps the greatest threat to the Khanate to ever exist.  Behind a facade of beauty that is a mockery of the Terran form the Elerians view all sentients with contempt.  To the Elerians, all sentient life must be enslaved or destroyed and they will use honeyed words to dissuade you.  The strength of the Khanate cannot be dominated, and the Khanate shall not only defend our freedom from these warmongering tyrants, but the Terran will.  They are filth, we shall cleanse.

NOTICE: If you detect the presence of Elerians within your settlement DO NOT APPROACH THEM. Contact your nearest Khanate Security Official immediately.


Gnolams: Greedy and devious, the Gnolams seek to control our galaxy by driving it into poverty while they spoil themselves on ill-gotten gains.  The Gnolams would cheat the Terran people of their well-deserved rewards to fund a decadent and lazy lifestyle.  Under the guidance of the Khanate the Gnolams will learn the value of a hard days work and enjoy the benefits and security of Terran law.


Trilarians:  Treacherous an unsightly, the Trilarians are a monstrous race that crawled out from the darkest depths of the ocean to usurp the Terrans rights to the stars.  A Trilarians face is as emotionless as their heart and they will seek to spread their tendrils across the galaxy to fulfill their insidious designs.  The Khanate navy stands ready to meet this threat wherever it may surface from the darkness of space, to deliver the Terrans to a brighter future.


OFFICIAL NOTICE:  There are no reports of an alleged ANTAREN RACE.  All Newsreports and rumors are mere fabrications to attempt to discourage the Terran people from uniting the galaxy under Khanate Law.  If you find those in your settlement attempting to spread seditious reports of an existence of "Antarens" please report it to your nearest Khanate Security Official.

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