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Cartoonish Silly Artwork

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Lukterran #1 Posted 23 May 2017 - 07:42 PM


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Since this is a feedback thread. I will make one negative comment that isn't game play related. That is the choice to make Master of Orion artwork look so goofy and cartoonish. For me it, it really negatively turns me away from the appeal of playing the game. I can't take it seriously. Especially when speaking with some of the races like the Mrrshan. Which were originally a cool warrior race. Instead of  the developers going lion or tiger (which seemed obvious). They went domestic cat. Ugh..!


Pretty much the choose to go cornball and overly stereotypical comical takes away from the over all appeal of the game. That including the number of other issues, like poor (lack of innovative) development and complete lack of advertisement killed the games marketability IMO.  If a game doesn't look good and create excitement then the majority of people aren't going to get interested in buying it.



TrueAnothername #2 Posted 27 May 2017 - 08:33 AM


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Its art it not really out of line compared to its predecessors. Maybe aside from MoO3; but thats the black sheep in the family anyway.

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