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Regarding Wargaming vs Sirfoch

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Chibiabos #1 Posted 06 July 2017 - 11:12 AM


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I just read about this incident from May 18 in which Wargaming former 'Community Contributor' SirFoch had his community contributor status revoked and his entire Youtube channel threatened with copyright claim takedown after SirFoch posted an expletive-laden video chastizing what amounts to a "pay to win" tank in Wargaming's free-to-play MMO game World of Tanks.

I'm an avid gamer; I may even qualify as a true "gaming addict" in that, yeah, I've been late to work a few times because I play too many games.  I have, however, boycotted big gaming companies due to ill behavior; biggest among these is Sony, whom I boycott entirely -- Playstation console, as well as their movie and music publishings -- due to the rootkit fiasco of 2005.  I also boycott Ubisoft for their anti-customer copy protection schemes that were the final death knell to the concept of buying and actually owning a game even though, yeah, EULAs killed  that long previously -- if Ubisoft publishes too many flops and goes out of business, none of their customers will be able to play their games ever again; this notion that "if we fail, everyone who paid us money can't use our products anymore" disgusts me so thoroughly that I refuse to give companies that do this my hard-earned money.


Similarly, companies that abuse their size or power to stifle criticism disgust me thoroughly.  A free market in which the deep pockets of big companies (in this context, any company that can afford advertising and/or legal teams that can drown out the voice of a critic is a 'big company) are used to threaten, intimidate or otherwise suppress criticisms is not truly free, but more of an economic warlord situation with no more "freedom" than one might find, politically, in stretches of the globe ruled more by warlords than laws.


I'm a die-hard fan of Master of Orion.  I am much relieved that Wargaming's mustering of creative and technical talents have produced a truly fine member in the Master of Orion series -- I think many players would agree a MUCH better result than Quicksilver's development of the previous iteration in this series -- but my "die-hardness" as a fan can and would be trumped were Wargaming to repeat its arrogant and economically evil act to suppress a critic.

Unfortunately, I know I am in the tiny minority.  Sony has paved over its evil hacking of paying customers' computers that would amount to serious multi-decade felonies if committed by individual hackers instead of a giant profitable corporation with advertising and congressional palm-greasing to the point of us won't-put-up-with-it tiny uber-minority whom will never again give Sony a dime of our money for anything don't, ourselves, show as the tiniest microscopic blip on their radar.  So, its probably very easy and even realistic that my vow to permanently delete Master of Orion and never buy a wargaming product again if Wargaming, as a company (and anyone acting as representatives of the company) repeats the actions it took in regards to SirFoch by attempting to stifle criticism.  I doubt Steam would honor a refund request given the hours I have played and how long I've had the game, but I would at the very least completely uninstall MOO and never re-install.

I hope it never comes to this, but ... even with an apology, any repeat of this action would make me feel ashamed to contributing one dime to Wargaming's success and I will permanently boycott Wargaming.  Please make whatever staff changes or hard-line internal meetings or memos it takes to prevent a company's pride from overriding its operational morality or ethics.

Thank you.

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Omega_Weapon #2 Posted 07 July 2017 - 03:50 AM

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Its nice that you have some moral convictions and are ready to stand by them. If you are hoping this message gets noticed by Wargaming though you are in the wrong place. There hasn't been a single post by a Wargaming employee since Feb 19th. The game and related website have been pretty much abandoned since the new year. Great that you enjoy MOO CTS, but you are certainly in the minority in that regard, which is why Wargaming has walked away from this mess.

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