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UCP 5.6 Released


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WhatIsSol #1 Posted 10 February 2018 - 12:03 PM


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UCP 5.6 Released

Available on nexus: https://www.nexusmod...hestars/mods/30


***** Fixes Included in this patch *****
Bug. Ship Blueprint popup screen module selection can show too many digits for DPS causing display issues
Fix. Rounded DPS to two digits after decimal place


Bug. Leader Colony Selection UI Screen, the system's defense value is hard coded to 200? The first value is also hard coded to 2?
Fix. Not sure what 200 was supposed to mean, but regardless this is wrong - updated to be the same as the Empire Management Screen. I think the first value was supposed to be the time it takes a leader to travel to a colony. I just set it to 4 since that matches the in game travel time.


Bug. Interplanetary Administration shipping lanes are not updating correctly when the location of the Interplanetary Administration building is moved or the export project was queued and becomes active
Fix. Corrected graphic refresh issues


Bug. AI is still occasionally fighting a losing battle against the Monster Civilizations
Fix. Increase the success criteria requirements before the AI will fight a monster civilization, I think the original value was just too low especially since this is optional combat.


Bug. Leader Colony Selection Screen, sort buttons can disappear, selected a star does not always select a corresponding colony. Also even though a colony might be highlighted, the list does not scroll to it nor will it be the actual colony the leader will be sent to unless you click on the highlighted colony before clicking the done button
Fix. Corrected these issues with this popup screen


Bug. AIs troop transport rush logic is flawed, game can call it multiple times in a single turn, leading to the production of too many troop transports. Observed for example the AI using it's 19 total command points to build 12 troop transport ships.
Fix. Removed race's invasionInclination to calculation of the number of troop transports to build. Also added logic to prevent rush building in this manner. It can still ask for rush build but only so often. Placed a constraint on the number of TroopTransports that can be requested to the military fleet size. Overall this adjustment is resulting in better army ratios, and increased combat ability for the AI


Bug. Ocean Terra-forming has a missing hologram texture on the research screen
Fix. Just modified yaml file to switch the texture to be the same as gaia terra-forming. At some point I will probably look into loading external resources.


Bug. AIs targeting can assign a lower priority to enemy colonies if the colony has an orbiting fleet, thus preventing it from attacking the colony
Fix. Added code to re-examine target entries looking for this possibility and setting the proper priority based upon engagement rules set vs colonies


Bug. AIs target selection is culling entries based upon distance to target at the wrong point (when it only knows about nodes), leading to issues targeting enemy fleets in distant nodes, can cause the AI to stop attacking
Fix. Removed that bad discard. Now it will wait to cull until fleet assignments are being made.


Bug. Possible to endlessly block a node by moving one ship at a time to it and then setting OnGuard thus preventing an enemy fleet from ever moving
Fix. Corrected game logic rule flaw. Now if you OnGuard on a node that contains an enemy fleet the block status of the node is unchanged. Normal friendly fleet merging will occur


Bug. AI is spending far more than it makes due to various issues with income and cost calculations routines and the adjustments made for difficulty to Credits Multiplier, causing them to overbuild then scrap, then repeat
Fix. Corrected bad code, adjusted spending ratios, the AI should now properly constrain itself to its income


Bug. Galaxy popups for structures, stars, and planets are enabled when the Empire Management, Espionage, and Leaders Screen is being displayed
Fix. Disabled this unneeded and distracting popups


Bug. Galaxy zoom and panning controls are enabled when the Empire Management, Espionage, and Leaders Screen is being displayed
Fix. Disabled this unneeded and distracting UI movement


Bug. AIs engagement rules are using different victory chances depending upon which part of the AI code is being ran at that time.
Fix. Corrected so engagement rules are the same regardless


Bug. Dismissing spies does not adjust the current empire financial situation until next turn
Fix. Corrected this miss


Bug. Dismissing Leaders does not adjust the current empire financial situation until next turn
Fix. Corrected this miss


Bug. Game is resetting resolution on application focus, causing issues since at launch it reads from the registry, but during this app focus event it reads from the config file, causing resolution changes, and window moving
Fix. This code makes no sense to me, just removed it


Bug. Defensive Blueprints Missile Bases and Orbital Batteries are missing the military upgrade options, causing offensive ships to be able to out-range them, with fixes for range damage and accuracy this is not good
Fix. Just added the military defensive special to those blueprints


Bug. Racial Perk "perk_counterespionage_leveling_rate" is not working correctly according to UI. UI is treating it as if it is an addition to security rating, back in code is treating it as a multiplier
Fix. Decided to make it an additive bonus


Bug. Security Tooltips have inconsistent rounding in the UI for the numbers
Fix. Normalized rounding on those tooltips (colony + empire)


Bug. AI stopped attacking an enemy. An attacking fleet parked on an enemy planet for 20 turns without doing anything. Issue turned out to be MindControl. The AI was attempting to MindControl the planet, but no logic for that to actually happen. Note - This stopped ALL of their attacking fleets, they just stopped moving
Fix. Added missing logic so the AI will correctly use MindControl on planets


Bug. Bulk building civil transports or colony ships could result in them being silently canceled after clicking next turn under certain conditions
Fix. Corrected logic


Bug. Training spies could result in duplicate names, game only allocated a total possible of 26 spy names
Fix. Added logic to spy names to include their secret encryption key (name should be unique now)


Bug. Training spies costs increases every time, even if some of your spies are killed or dismissed
Fix. Spy training now is based on total number of spies you have and not on total number ever trained


Bug. Counter Espionage Spy ability is incorrectly adding in "Neural Scanner" per spy, appears to be a holdover from when spies had to be assigned to individual planets. Makes defensive spies too effective.
Fix. "Neural Scanner" now provides a flat security bonus


Bug. EmpireManagment Screen scrollbar does not work right. Disconnect between scrollbar and what is show in the scrollpane under certain conditions
Fix. Corrected scrollbar/scrollpane functionality


Bug. Colonization video when it shows the planets stats the population fades too fast to be read
Fix. Corrected by making the text remain visible for a few more seconds


***** Enhancements *****
Add. Random Event that donates money to a civilization gives no indication to the amount, added this missing data element.


Chg. Disabled tactical combat logic that could result in the AI keeping ships in reserve that have leaders. The check it has it not really valid and just causes oddities in combat.


Chg. Added a new global value to the Globals.yaml for controlling blueprints templates called IGNORE_PRIORITIZE_MODS. Setting this to non-zero (default in this release) causes the template engine to ignore the "prioritizeMods" setting for weapon slots. This once again is just an adjustment to make the AI build more combat worthy ships.


Chg. AI blueprint adjustment, kind of normalized point defense weapons (since some designs had way too many or way too few), removed anti-missile rockets (since they do not scale at all), made all designs above cruiser automatically use battle pods tech if available. This change like the previous bomb adjustments is to just make the AI build overall better combat worthy ships.


Add. Added text to InGame Option Menu to show the version # of the UCP dll and common libraries installed. Just a minor verification that this mod is installed properly.


Chg. AIs defensive selection inside a system has been tweaked to prefer to save it owns fleet if possible - prevents a common AI abuse tactic. This should result in better AI defensive tactics


Chg. AIs target selection inside a system has been tweaked to prefer to attack settlements if possible, before attacking fleets - prevents a common AI abuse tactic. This should result in better AI offensive tactics


Chg. AIs selection logic modified a bit for when and what planets to invade or bomb, tweaked civilization threat detection ratings, this should result in a slightly more aggressive AI


Add. Added an indicator whether a planet has a moon to the various planet screens


Add. Random Event that destroys ships gives no indication of what ship or where, added this missing data element. Now the ship name is displayed and clicking on the notification will take you to its last star system.

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