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Research at Impossible Level

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Sarang_Karkhanis #1 Posted 12 February 2018 - 09:24 PM


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Game setup: Impossible, +25% research trait, medium double galaxy, lush, advanced research starting point, lightning game speed, no Antarans


Its around turn 150 and I am getting around 800 research points a turn and have had a 100 turn battle with the Sakkra who have 15 planets (and dropping rapidly as I invade) and negative research traits. I have about 20 full planets. My fleet has just destroyed theirs completely and now its just a matter of invading their undefended colonies. But they are STILL destroying me in research.


I am dead last in research and falling further and further behind on each turn. In another 100 turns the humans (on the other side of the galaxy) would have completed a tech victory and I have no way of getting over to there and destroying them. Even engaging in a battle hasn't seemed to have slowly the research of the dumb Sakkra down so I don't see how I can achieve a tech victory in under 250 turns starting from "advanced" and one colony. I have no issues going into battle but I cant stop their runaway tech.


Any ideas? Or is my tech just really slow?

Spud_Dastardly #2 Posted 14 February 2018 - 01:03 PM

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On Impossible difficulty the AI gets a 120% bonus to research. They also get similarly high bonuses to food, production, command points, and credits. It is "impossible" after all ;) You shouldn't expect a +25% research trait to make much headway against that, even against a race with a research penalty.


I am going to adjust the difficulty settings a bit in the next 5X update, and that will involve reducing the research bonus to 100%. Until then, you might want to drop down to extreme difficulty or find a way to beat them anyway. I have seen videos where you rush the AI as soon as possible and can conquer them as soon as possible; maybe you could try that. I haven't been able to beat impossible myself though.

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Sarang_Karkhanis #3 Posted 14 February 2018 - 10:09 PM


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Thanks. I am ploughing through anyway to see if I can sneak a tech victory in case the humans get distracted by another AI. I am going to have to eliminate the Sakkra as they are building Titans with Gauss and Plasma vs my Battleships with Mirv Pulsons. Every fight is coming down to the wire though. However I just got Titans with HEF so time to switch to beams. 


Has anyone checked how a titan would fare vs 20 torp / beam frigates ? The Command point cost is the same and thats the sort of thing I struggle with vs the Antarans in extreme difficulty when they attacked me with more than 150 ships.



Laegad #4 Posted 19 February 2018 - 09:04 PM


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Perhaps you could make some diffculties levels with not the same bonus everywhere ?


  Research: no bonus (on high level you had to disable the science victory if AI has a too big boost on this)

  Good: +50

  Production: + 50

  Command points: +150

  Credits: +200 (this is the problem, the AI don't know to use its credits)

Perhaps it could be good for a gameplay ?

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