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UCP 5.7 Released


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WhatIsSol #1 Posted 25 March 2018 - 04:40 AM


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UCP 5.7 Released

Available on nexus: https://www.nexusmod...hestars/mods/30


***** Fixes Included in this patch *****
Bug. Steam Workshop Bug - If you are not subscribed to any Steam Workshop items the game alphabetizes all your local mods on startup every time, thus reordering them
Fix. Corrected logic so the local mods will retain order regardless of the number of workshop items you are subscribed to


Bug. Production Queue on the planet shows really odd ETA for completion.  Only the first production item is showing accurate ETA.  All others are using some really old calculations based upon the build-able.
Fix. Adjusted the display so instead of pulling up the build-able it shows the time for the ETA on the queue.


Bug. Empire Management Screen after specific colony update, such as changing the queue, the pollution text changes from "pollution count / pollution capacity" to a "percent based" indicator of pollution
Fix. I just adjusted this to always show the percent.  Also modified the security rating to make it look more uniform next to the morale and pollution percentage.


Bug. Observed occasionally the Antaran Attack Fleet Scenario gets into an invalid state after attacking a colony. Their portal never despawns, their attack fleet stays around, and they will never attack again
Fix. I do not know the cause of this, but added logic to detect this condition and perform needed cleanup action. So the fleet and portal will disappear and their attacks will resume using normal timeline.


Bug. Completing research on a node, where you are creative, and have already received all the branch techs from trading, stealing, etc, can cause you to not receive the non-branch techs
Fix. Corrected this mistake, this does not fix any save, but should prevent it from happening again


Bug. Recalling a leader does not refresh the empire top bar data
Fix. Added refresh logic to this action


Bug. Ship blueprint auto upgrade  from template can generate weapon slots with invalid weapon modifiers under certain conditions.
Fix. Corrected issue with weapon slot update logic to prevent this from happening


Bug. End of Turn processing balance is adding any trade treaty or tribute twice.  This was unfortunately added in as part of UCP 5.6 income changes
Fix. Corrected bad code logic


Bug. Leader ship assignment does not properly update for assigned leaders status (unless the screen is exited and re-entered).  Thus it will appear to let you assign two leaders to the same ship for instance
Fix. Corrected refresh issue for ship leader assignment


Bug. Leader ship selection shows a hard-coded constant of 2 turns to arrive on the selection screen.
Fix. Modified it to be the yaml setting which defaults to 4 in the base game


Bug. Possible to queue up multiple ships that have the EmpireUnique set to true. The queued ships will be canceled when the first one is completed.  In base game this only affects the Doomstar
Fix. Just prevented queuing of more than one EmpireUnique ship that share the same hull class.


Bug. Planet View - Looking at a colony you do not own, via spies or omniscience leads to some issues.  You can attempt to add items to the production queue, try and rearrange items on the production queue, and toggle the buttons "enable AutoBuild" and "Enable Queue"
Fix. Just disabled those UI elements if you are not the colony owner.


Bug. Shipbuilding management adjusting weapon counts the repeat delay is not working correctly.  This is causing run away incremental or decremental adjustments to weapon counts.
Fix. Just corrected the logic they had in place to make it pause between repeats.


Bug. Clicking Retreat as the choice for simulated combat forces the retreating fleet to charge the enemy as normal.  Resulting in the retreating fleet taking excessive damage
Fix. Modified tactical strategy used for defending fleet that is wanting to retreat.  It will no longer charge the enemy but hold position waiting for retreat option to become available


Bug. Ship Pre-combat Screen shows the retreat button even if that option should not be available.  When clicked it just auto-resolves the combat without retreating
Fix. Correctly hide the button if retreat is not possible (your fleet has already moved)


Bug. Empire Management Screen after pressing Buy the other widgets buttons do not update to your current credit balance.  So if you had 2 items both costing 600BC and you have 700BC you can buy both of them in this UI
Fix. Correctly disabling buy buttons after making a purchase


Bug. Empire Management Screen scrollbar will disappear after sort operations, until the screen is exited and reentered.  The disappearing scrollbar was introduced in 5.6 during the scrollbar fixes. Sorting on morale is treating field as alpha instead of numeric
Fix. Corrected issues


***** Enhancements *****
Chg. Adjusted trade treaty per-turn tooltip to show up to 2 digits of precision.  It was just truncating the float.


Add. Added tech Level to the tech name show during audience with alien races.  This at least gives you an indication of the tech's relative worth on the research tree during research trading


Chg. Increased the size of the Colony's Pollution field to prevent it from overlapping other UI elements.  Also reworked the pollution tooltip to make it more obvious what is subtracting vs adding to colony's pollution


Chg. Numerous miscellaneous colony tooltips changes for food, production, research, income, etc.  Mainly focused on making the numbers display similar digit lengths and stop showing 5.663333333 for instance.  They should be constrained to a max of 2 digits after decimal point


Add. The "Options" -> "GamePlay" -> "Mute Advisor" will also now mute the opening race selection narration as well


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Switch model positioning to be based off of hullClass and not the hard-coded hullkey value.  Thus allowing modders to add new hulls without causing the location of the ship to shift around on them


Add. Colony build popup has a delay of 60ms between tiles.  This makes this screen take longer and longer to load as the game progresses and the number of objects you can build increased.  Reduced this unneeded delay to 0 ms


Add. Added details of the buildable object to the build queue, gives similar information as the build popup selection window has, just more information for the user.


Add. Tech choice screen for weapons do not show the tactical stats of the weapons, making selection a guessing game if the user does not know them in advance.  Corrected this oversight.


Add. Pollution on a planet is no longer constrained by max pollution capacity.  Pollution capacity is now considered a tipping point.  If you do not reduce pollution below the pollution capacity the planet will degrade.  This prevents a common pollution abuse tactic.   Also modified terraforming to not set pollution to zero but now lowers it by the pollution capacity of the planet.  This is also to prevent a possible exploit.


Add. Modified the operation of the Autobuild function.  It will now stay enabled until the user disables it.  So you can add manual elements to the production queue or rearrange it without the game auto

disabling this feature.  This is another of the anti-micromanagement changes.


Add. Added new colony option - Auto Cleanup.  This works similar to the project cleanup.  Your colony will spend production points in an attempt to keep the colony clean of pollution.  This is hopefully a big anti-micromanagement change.  This change is completely optional - you can toggle it on/off on a per colony basis.


Add. Added new colony focus type "Clean Production".  This will add enough farmers to feed the colony, workers until the planet would start producing pollution, and then the rest on research.   Another anti-micromanagement change.


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Modified custom race perk screen, just removed some dead space to make more room for perks.


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Modified game stats display to remove out zero modifies.  Only noticeable when I was removing research bonus from biospheres.  The description was still listing "Research: +0" so this change makes that line entry disappear


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Added support for the structure bonus of maxPopulationBonus.  Updated the colony structure types yaml file to include this bonus for biospheres, which now like in Master of Orion 2, will increase max population of a planet by 2.


Add. A major civilization's homeworld will now always have at least one moon if "Balanced Starting Conditions" is enabled.


Add. Empire Management Screen switched sort of Production from completion ETA to production item names since I think that is more useful


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Added TRADE_LENGTH to the Backend.Diplomacy.ResearchTreaty global.yaml section.  It will control the length a research treaty same as how it works for trade treaty currently.


Add. MOD SUPPORT: For local mods the game will now load and display the contents of any "description.txt" file located in the mod folder on the mod management screen.


Add. Modified the ordering of MODS in this game, dropped the hashcode from the ordering code, that was causing reorder on any change.  This will require you to reorder your mods after this update but should prevent further reordering, unless the local folder name is changed or in the case of the steam workshop the steam id is modified.  This also corrects a sorting bug if a local mod and a steam mod had the same name.


Add. Added a new AntaranSettings USE_RANDOM_ATTACK_LOCATION defaults to 1.  Setting this to 0 restores the Antaran Attack location back to the default (strongest fleet location) vs default UCP (random colony)


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Added scrollbar to Ship Blueprint Management Screen allowing for more than the current max of 8 (ADDITIONAL_DESIGNS + known hull sizes) designs.  Allows mods to add hulls and still have them editable in the game.  ADDITIONAL_DESIGNS is a new global variable located Globals.yaml in the Backend.Fleets.ShipBlueprint section.  Defaults to 2, same as default game.

WhatIsSol #2 Posted 14 April 2018 - 12:12 AM


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UCP 5.7a Released

Available on nexus: http://www.nexusmods...hestars/mods/30


***** Fixes Included in this patch *****
Bug. TacticalSquadronManeuverOrbitFireSupport appears to still be stuck with EA code, where the ships slides around the battlefield with no relationship to how they are rotated
Fix. Corrected squadron maneuver so it at least looks like they are thrusting from the rear, in general adjusted the tactics of this behavior


Bug. TacticalSquadronManeuverOrbitFireSupport never completes due to a bug in end maneuver logic check
Fix. Corrected issue


Bug. Bombers on docking event, when their carrier is destroyed, just circle around forever
Fix. Bombers will now properly disappear (saves processing time and memory during real-time combat) on attempting to dock to a destroyed ship


Bug. Bombers are not always properly docking with carrier ship, they sometimes get stuck just orbiting it
Fix. Corrected logic, in general fighters of all types should be more agressive in their docking orders


Bug. Colony and Node Development Structure Projects that are upgrades production cost is being incorrectly calculated on all production speeds not set to normal
Fix. Corrected production costs to take in account the set production speed of the current game


Bug. Strikers on Colony Screen does not equal strikers on the Empire Management Screen due to an odd way the game decides a worker is on strike.  It is also possible for it to report more strikers than the planet has population count if morale is low enough
Fix. Corrected these issues


Bug. In Multiplayer, or with Modded Custom, Race with large number of racial perks the tooltips fail to display
Fix. Just corrected depth issue in SWF so the racial perk tooltips work


Bug. <UCP-5.7 fix> Another adjustment to ProcessBalance and Calculation of Total Income.  Total income was including the difficulty multiplier for diplomatic actions which could result in the AI thinking it had too much money to spend.
Fix. Removing erroneous calculation, also cleanup the ProcessBalance method as my previous fix was messy


Bug. <UCP-5.7 fix> Multiplayer crash on audience with AI when you are not running the server locally, by null pointer during Server.GetUniverse call
Fix. Just switched to Client.GetUniverse


Bug. <UCP-5.7 fix> Multiplayer desync being caused by the AI usage of Auto-Cleanup
Fix. Properly sent message to both clients and server to turn this feature on/off thus making certain everyone is aware of its current setting


Bug. <UCP-5.7 fix removed> Observed occasionally the Antaran Attack Fleet Scenario gets into an invalid state after attacking a colony. Their portal never despawns, their attack fleet stays around, and they will never attack again
Fix. <UCP-5.7 fix removed>  I have removed this update as while it did correct a single stall event it appears to have made some of the other Antaran AI oddities occur more frequently than before


***** Enhancements *****
Chg. Bombers will now make 2 bomber runs against the same target before returning to carrier for reload, before they where making a single run.


Chg. MOD SUPPORT: Adjusted logic for Cyber Security Link so that it only sets the agent's level if their current level is less than the value for this tech.


Chg. MOD SUPPORT: Enhanced the loading of default settings while creating a new game to better support modded values in the configuration settings

WhatIsSol #3 Posted 22 June 2018 - 04:59 AM


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UCP 5.7b Released

Available on nexus: http://www.nexusmods...hestars/mods/30


***** Fixes Included in this patch *****
Bug. A fleet cannot navigation a link between two nodes that also have terminating jump gates from two different civilizations.  Attempts to travel past results in a ghost fleet and game exceptions.
Fix. Corrected logic to drop out of jump gate ETA and use normal travel ETA, instead of just not allowing travel at all


Bug. Loading a save game where a navigation link between two nodes that also have terminating jump gates from two different civilizations does not show up on the galaxy map
Fix. Corrected logic to properly show the link


Bug. A previous owned AI planet that is overtaken by the player can have its focus set to a non-player focus option.  This causes the planet screen to display the wrong focus and the empire management screen to display a blank focus to the player.
Fix. Corrected by detecting this issue and displaying a manual focus for that colony.  Added code to set the colony's focus to balanced.


Bug. AI can request and build multiplier doom stars (empireUnique blueprint), actually the production manager can request very lopsided armies due to the fact it does not take into account requested armies in it blueprint selection choice or could even stall its warship production
Fix. Modified blueprint selection logic such that it accounts for all currently requested blueprints.  This should make the AI build more balanced armies and should prevent it from making multiplier doomstars.  Possible for balance an AI personality setting for HeavyArmor needs to be adjusted but leaving it alone for now.


Bug. Espionage Screen will allow you to send multiplier spies to the same enemy colony.  Only the first spy can do anything all others will get stuck in a waiting state until you recall them doing nothing.
Fix. Added code to disable colony row when you already have a spy performing an action against that colony to avoid this issue


Bug. On Spy and Leader Colony Selection Screens a colony's Security Level value is not visible, in some non-English language choices, due to the translated word "Level" being inserted in front of the value which is causing the text to truncate
Fix. Just removed this redundant text string from the start, now it just shows the numeric value


Bug. Espionage Screen the XP per turn for a selected spy can truncate due to space limitations on the field length.  The Train Spy Button cost field can also wrap.
Fix. Increased field lengths to correct screen issues


Bug. <UCP-5.6 fix> UCP added IGNORE_PRIORITIZE_MODS global setting is causing monsters and orion guardian blueprints to be created without weapons mods
Fix. Corrected this issue by correctly setting flag to enable mods for those designs.


Bug. <UCP-5.7 fix> Colonies on AutoCleanup can still receive High Pollution Notices under certain conditions of pre-cleanup pollution output and planet capacity
Fix. Just corrected this


Bug. <UCP-5.7 fix> Colony focus type "Clean Production" does not take into account leader bonus nor resource production bonuses.  Additionally does not support MOD structures that add multipliers to production output.
Fix. Just corrected this - should work better


***** Enhancements *****
Add. Modified High Gravity Tolerant Race Trait to allow colonizing of normal gravity planets without a penalty.  This is how it worked in MOO 2 and seems to justify this being a Racial Trait that costs 4 points in the base game.  This change is controllable by a global.yaml setting called "GRAVITY_TOLERANT_HIGH_EXPANDED".  It will default to "1" which is on, but setting it to "0" will restore old logic.


Add. Espionage Screen risk levels for missions are Low, Medium, and High.  Added new categories Very Low, Low, Medium, High, and Very High to make it a little more grainular


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Added support for Morale structures that have both a local and a star system bonus by correcting Colony Morale tooltip so it is not double displayed and only proper bonuses are shown


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Added support for Spud Dastardly's 5X change so the torpedo weapon mod for Fast has the correct icon on the blueprint and tooltip screens


Chg. Loading of configuration settings are disabled for multiplayer for now - prevents an issue with loading saved multiplayer games where you have created a new multiplayer game with different settings.  


Add. Added the rival civlization's OathBreakerScore and WarmongerScore to the value calculations the AI attributes to long term payments value.

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