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Unofficial Code Patch (UCP 5.9) - Released


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WhatIsSol #1 Posted 30 June 2019 - 07:01 AM


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Updated located on nexus: https://www.nexusmod...ds/30?tab=files


:::: Fixes Included in this patch
Bug. Issue with blueprint cache values that can cause them not to be correctly regenerated during invalidation.  This causes a problem with the Checksums used between the Server and Client and causes a desync situation.  In multiplayer this prevents the game from being completed without exiting and reloading the multiplayer game.  In single player it causes all sorts of issues with the AI especially the Antaran AI as the Server data is overwritten by the Client data.
Fix. Added logic to the invalidate cache blueprint to correctly regenerate the blueprint cache values.  I also added logic to single player to output the same desync information in case this shows up in a game.


Bug. Multiplayer games do not save the Antaran information as it is only stored in the server and not the client.  Since multiplayer games only save the client data this information is lost on reload of the game.
Fix. Adjusted the multiplayer games save logic so if the multiplayer host saves the game, it saves the server data and not the client (this is the same as what single player currently does).  If the prior host then restarts the game the Antaran data is preserved.


Bug. During tactical combat updating avoidance grids can cause an application crash bug with System.IndexOutOfRangeException
Fix. Adjusted code logic to avoid this condition


Bug. AI will repeatable send inferior forces to take over a Monster or Orion guarded planet.  This is a colonization effort by the AI using an incredibly inaccurate calculation for the forces needed to overcome the resistance.  
Fix. Enhanced the calculation for estimated firepower


Bug. Under certain circumstance a non-omniscient AI that does not posses the deep scanner tech will fail to eliminate a monster since it does not know if the planets are habitable or not.  In the game I was playing this completely stalled two AIs.
Fix. Just added logic so the AI will destroy a close monster if it can and it has no other planets that it can colonize


Bug. Under certain pollution levels the game can send you notification that a planet is starving and in fact you can lose a population unit due to lack of food even through the UI shows you have positive net food the entire time.  The cause is how the game is applying pollution generation, cleanup, and its result on food output.  Instead of doing them in that order it does generation, food output, and then cleanup.  In the example I looked at the UI was stating +1 food, but the game was using -1 food in the background.
Fix. Just corrected the order of operations.


Bug. Shipwreck Random Event can cause a game crash during the GNN review generation under certain circumstances
Fix. Corrected logic for GNN creation to prevent this crash


Bug. Captured Spy Popup Screen scroll area can extend past the visual screen space if you have too many captures spies
Fix. Adjusted scroll region so it matches the visual screen space


Bug. Empire Management Screen's Production Queue has multiple issues dealing with a build item that has been purchased.
Fix. Corrected issues in dragging and initialization


Bug. AI will never ask for its captured spies to be returned, this is due to numerous bugs and some missing code
Fix. Added missing logic to allow the AI to evaluate if it has any captured spies and to potentially negotiate their return


Bug. Antaran Attack Fleet calculation is incorrectly setting up its random table resulting in the wrong blueprint distribution
Fix. Corrected the table setup and thus the distribution issue, note this fix allows the attack fleet to actually contain Doomstar blueprints


Bug. Antaran Attack Fleet is using a constant of six turns to determine defense fleet it will have to fight
Fix. Modified routine so that it uses the values in the yaml files instead of a constant.  This is not a perfect fix but better than a constant


Bug. During Tactical Combat Intro the combat control tool-tips are active and show invalid data or can throw exceptions in the code
Fix. Disabled the tactical combat tool-tips while the intro cinematic is running


Bug. Pirate Base/Independent's bombing screen is missing a graphic for the civilian population
Fix. Just put in the icon for these civilians


Bug. Supernova event in a system can destroy an Antaran Ruin possibly making the Antaran Victory impossible to achieve
Fix. Modified logic so any research lab will be destroyed but the actual Antaran Ruin will survive the explosion


Bug. Independent Civilizations Diplomacy Screen does not update correctly if it is in a neutral state, basically just shows whatever was the last Independent Civilization data that was on the screen
Fix. Corrected this issue. Made a few minor UI changes as well


Bug. Independent Civilizations Diplomacy always has the "!" indicator visible on the thumbnail regardless of the actual investment level
Fix. Correctly set the visibility of that indicator based upon the investment level for that independent civilization. Made a few minor UI changes as well


Bug. Galaxy tooltip for structures/warpgates has visible popup effect from last shown location to new shown location when first shown
Fix. This is just something that has always annoyed me so figured I would fix it


Bug. The planet screen contains no information if the planet has a pirate base
Fix. Corrected the screen so the details of the planet will show-up


Bug. Gas Giant Planet Screen does not show any data unless the race is Omniscient.  The industry and food generating cells are also left overs from whatever planet was last viewed
Fix. Corrected both issues


Bug. TacticalPlasmaWebDamageVisual is generating a NullReferenceException on its OnFire event during tactical combat
Fix. Just added a check for null pointer and avoiding the code segment that causes this NullReferenceException


Bug. The Stellar Converter Cut Scene has issues after first view in the game.  The beam comes from an empty location and the ship shows up half way to the planet
Fix. Just corrected the initial ship location.  Also attempted to make the beam not originate at ship center if the "SCPosition" point is not defined (it is only defined for Doom Star Models).  This is best effort


Bug. Espionage Hacking UI shows incorrect information both in the description and on mission status
Fix. Corrected the mismatch of the UI and in game effects to match


Bug. Espionage Screen captured spy's "Open a diplomatic negotiation" button provides no feedback to user if the AI rejects your audience request, just appears the button does nothing
Fix. Added logic to show the client a message that their audience was rejected


Bug. AI will never terraform toxic worlds because it does not know it needs to build a toxic processor for this.  It only looks at the pollution reduction of that structure and that is not needed on a toxic planet.
Fix. Added logic to assign a non-zero weight to the construction of the toxic processor on toxic planets.


Bug. Multiple Leader Screens that show the galaxy map do not fit on the provided screen space.  This seems to be related to screen resolutions that differ from 1920x1080
Fix. Corrected issue with these screens by adjusting the calculation the game is using for determination of the screen space


Bug. Espionage Screen the train agent button will show a blank picture about half the time.  This is a mismatch between the number of spy agents graphics (15) and spy agents names (26).  When the spy is purchased the picture will be correct
Fix. Corrected this issue


Bug. Path To Victory screen is throwing a "Handler for command: PopulateVictories not found error"
Fix. Removed this unneeded call that could cause refresh issues for that screen.  Also adjust this screen so it defaults to selecting all races on the graph lines, instead of only your race


Bug. Path To Victory screen odd interaction if graph is selected, then a drop down item is selected, and then closed.  Upon going back to it, trying to select the same drop down item will not refresh the screen
Fix. Corrected this minor UI issue


Bug. Tactical combat tooltip icon lookup can generate an exception and prevent the tooltip from showing
Fix. Just added logic to catch this error and use a default icon


Bug. If an independent civilization is destroyed by a civilization using a Stellar Converter the notification says Supernova
Fix. Corrected this mistake


Bug. Ship Upgrade popup has an overflow UI issue if over 12 items have changed between old and new.  Also the cost can overflow the button as well
Fix. Just corrected this minor issue


Bug. A planet that is destroyed via Stellar Converter or Supernova when recreated with the colony project "Artificial Planet Construction" will always result in a planet size of Large
Fix. Original planet size will now be preserved instead of being defaulted


Bug. Leader Level-Up popup bonus name can overflow with the other controls on the screen
Fix. Modified the screen to support multiple lines for the bonus name, adjusted some of the text to break in a more pleasant manner


Bug. Under certain conditions the player is unable to colonize an empty planet from the galaxy map even with a colony ship in orbit.  Most commonly encountered with Orion
Fix. Just removed the blocking code preventing this if the civilization attempting colonization is not AI controlled


Bug. Empire Management screen throws an exception on attempting to show the tooltip for a blockaded colony
Fix. Corrected


Bug. If you load a save game or create a new game without exiting and restarting the game it maintains some state information on the supernova event from the current game
Fix. Just corrected this by resetting this information


Bug. Major Civilization data is not available on the diplomacy screen unless you have an active Embassy with them, the text states that spy activity should show the data but this does not work
Fix. Added support for acquiring that information, if you have an active infiltrated spy in that empire


Bug. Planet Screen building list and filtering options do not work correctly for none-owned colonies when you have an infiltrated spy or your race is omniscient
Fix. Corrected this issue, the controls and display are working correctly now


Bug. Default Autobuild process placing trade goods in first position with a queue that also contains a terraforming project can result in the terraforming project being duplicated on the queue
Fix. Correctly rejecting terraforming from the possible project lists if it is already on the queue


Bug. Ship Module Battle Scanner text says it increases ship scanner range out of combat, but this does not function
Fix. Corrected this via yaml update, it will now increase scanner range of a ship by 1


Bug. After you infiltrate an enemy colony you can always see its status, even if your spy is dismissed or recalled
Fix. Corrected this oversight


Bug. If your empire gets into financial trouble and runs a deficit the game can dismiss your spies without notice
Fix. Added a notification for this as well as a log entry


Bug. Scrap Notifications are getting dropped if there are more than one in a single turn
Fix. Adjusted the scrap notifications to MustResolve which forces them all to be shown


Bug. When a fleet is destroyed under certain conditions the game will flood the back-end with refresh messages causing the Fleet Control GUI to be unusable
Fix. Added logic to prevent the flooding of these message events


Bug. Universal Antidote tech achievement has two issues, its growth rate is cumulative with Microbiotics, and it provides no protection from bio bombs
Fix. Corrected both issues so description matches effect


Bug. AI will continually attempt to invest in an independent civilization whose investment level is set to max
Fix. Added a check to prevent this from recurring every-turn


Bug. Tactical Combat Beam Defense is using an additive bonus for Racial trait of "Ship Defense" but the blueprint is using an multiplicative bonus
Fix. Normalized it so both are using the same, multiplicative bonus


Bug. The colony attack screen can be misaligned if the defender has too many marines or armor.  
Fix. Corrected this issue, also aligned the flashing sign and the button, and finally changed the text to say Invading or Bombarding depending upon the action selected.


Bug. The weapon mod enveloping has no effect on the computed attack rating for a ship.  It does work in tactical combat, but the computed attack rating is used by the AI for pre-combat determination
Fix. Updated logic to provide an adjustment for this


Bug. Shield piercing weapons have no effect on the computed attack rating for a ship.  It does work in tactical combat, but the computed attack rating is used by the AI for pre-combat determination
Fix. Updated logic to provide an adjustment for this


Bug. The AI estimation of the Antaran Attack Fleet results in a strength calculation of zero due to issues with grabbing the correct list of ships
Fix. Corrected AI logic


Bug. Diplomatic Victory Condition is counting independent civilizations in the minimal number of civilizations needed to be active, leading the AI to think the victory condition is still active
Fix. Corrected logic to only count major civilizations


:::: Enhancements
Add. Enhanced the Antaran Attack History code.  Now if the Antarans suffer defeat from a civilization they will come with a larger fleet until they achieve a victory after that their fleet strength will reset.  Added a new yaml field GRUDGE_FACTOR for support of this.


Add. Added new random event "Hypserspace Flux".  It prevents ships from entering FTL, ships already in FTL will continue travel as normal but will be stuck at their destination.  The racial perk Trans Dimensional will allow that race to ignore the effects of this event as expected.


Add. Added new random event "Time Anomaly".  This freezes a system during this time the system will not produce any output or consume any resources.


Add. Added new random event "Comet".  A comet will impact and destroy one of your colonies unless your fleet in orbit around the planet can destroy the comet first.


Add. Added new random event "Diplomatic Incident".  This is a collection of events "Misunderstanding, Assassination Attempt, Cooperation, and Union" that affect the disposition of the two races involved in this event.


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Corrected application crash associated with attempting to perform tactical combat with a "true" black hole - something 5X adds to the game


Chg. General AI adjustments to make the AI more aggressive


Chg. General AI fleet movement adjustments


Add. Pirate Civilization will now spawn ships with more advanced tech.  They will now use the intersection of all living major civilizations know tech.  Also modified their fleet logic so they would stop suiciding on the first structure they could find.


Add. Added ability to speed up some animations in the game - fleet travel and galaxy zooming.  They are controlled by config.cfg settings of TravelAnimationSpeedBoost and GalaxyAnimationSpeedBoost.  So speed can be tailored to taste or removed completely if desired.


Add. Tactical Combat: Made the top bar visible showing ship counts during normal combat vs only being available during cinematic combat mode.  This is a functional topbar as it will allow the selection of all ships by hull class.


Chg. Tactical Combat: Added back the lower control panel for selected ships.  Adjusted logic and I hope the slowdowns for this control are corrected.  Added bar UI for the ship's shield and integrity displays vs changing the ship icon color which I did not like.


Add. During Tactical combat, added the ability for destroyed drones to regenerate over time. Since missiles are unlimited, I never understood why fighters where not.  This regeneration rate is controlled by a new global value DRONE_REGENERATE_FACTOR.


Add. Modified galaxy generation logic so that Monster and Independent Civilization will always contain at least a certain number of occupied orbits.


Add. Added new Independent Civilization class (worker).  This class works the same as the current classes (food, research, and income) but adds production instead. Rearranged the current independent civilization - there are now 2 farmers, 2 researchers, 3 traders, and 2 workers.


Add. Adjusted calculation for tactical ship's max weapon range used during Tactical Combat. I'm calling this effective max weapon range.  Basically it now averages all of the max weapon ranges, thus ensuring that most of the ship's weapons will remain in effective range of enemy ships.


Add. Empire Management Screen Production Queue’s now support the removing of items on the production queue


Add. Made warp lines slightly thicker and on the galaxy zoomed out view added dotted lines to indicate the red wrap lanes


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Leader level up screen can show and allow selection of entries that are no longer valid for leveling due to reaching their highest level.  Just modified the code so those entries will be disabled for selection and add the text maximum


Chg. AI blueprint and preferred tech minor adjustments.  This is just an further attempt at making the AI build better ship designs.


Add. Added Right Mouse Button support to escape out of the Investment screen


Add. Adjusted initial race disposition for custom races so they inherit the disposition of the race they are based off of versus being assigned the default neutral.


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Race color setting does not reset if adjusted by a mod.  This can lead to some odd colors since the new modded value are ORed with the current value. Cleared the overall race color before setting the colorR value for a race.  If you adjust race colors make certain you set all color bytes and maintain the order colorR, colorG, and colorB


Chg. Military Outpost Tooltip: Updated the UI, moved it back to its default location, added delay (same as planet delay), and it is no longer is visible if the Victory Chance popup is visible.


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Corrected issue with game not showing Morale Resources for a colony under certain circumstances.  This is not a normal feature of the game so listing under Enhancements


Chg. Fleet Control Screen: The blueprint tooltip popup now requires the CTRL key to be pressed down.  This just reduces unneeded screen clutter.  Also adjusted the UI a bit.


Add. Adjusted trade and research treaties to use the LIMIT_FACTOR setting.  Basically in these treaties normally the output of the civilizations are just added together.  This value limits the output of the larger civilization to be no more than LIMIT_FACTOR times the output of the smaller civilization.  This makes the treaties more affordable to the smaller civilization and thus encourages their formation.


Chg. Tactical Combat Weapon Buttons switched the visible weapon arc from needing a left-click to just be hover based.  Left clicking will still make it show up if the weapon is ready to fire.


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Added ability to adjust firing arcs for weapons, default is 120.0.  Settings controlled by Globals under Backend.Fleets.WeaponSlot values FIRING_ARC_FRONT, FIRING_ARC_SIDES, and FIRING_ARC_REAR


Chg. Adjusted the tech selection screen to make the tech's area a little wider and taller and thus reduce the chance of text overflow.


Add. Moved around some of the duplicate icons on the Tech Tree to make it so on a single screen no technologies icons are reused.  This is a display only change


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Corrected issue with Research Speed Options count having to match Production Speed Options count or the game throws an exception due to a coding bug.


Add. Added Colony Screen short cuts: CTRL-P - Sets colony focus to production; CTRL-F - Sets colony focus to food; CTRL-R - Sets colony focus to research; CTRL-B - Sets colony focus to balanced; CTRL-C - Sets colony focus to clean; CTRL-G - Sets colony focus to growth; CTRL-0..9 - Sets AutoBuild Queue (0 to 9); 0 being default internal of course; CTRL-T - Adds Trade Good to Build Queue; CTRL-I - Removes Trade Good from Build Queue; CTRL-A - Turn On/Off Autobuild; CTRL-U - Turn On/Off AutoClean; Space - Build Screen Popup


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Planetary Resource Type new field: desireability.  Defaults to 0.05 (which is the current default).  The base game considers all resources the same relative benefit and all positive.  So the AI would colonize a planet with a bad resource that generated say -100 BC per turn over a planet that did not have that resource.  This new settings allows modders to control that behavior a bit.  Other than making sure it is being set correctly, I have done no testing of this - I will leave that up to the modders that add more planetary resources.


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Planet Biome Type new field: forceSize.  This defaults to not being set, which results in a random size for the planet based upon orbit.  If present it will force a planet of that biome key to be a specific size during galaxy generation.


Add. New Racial Perk - Homeworld Resource.  Allows you to start with planetary specials other than artifacts.  Added support for Dark Quartz (Production), Seagrass (Food), and Red Fungus (Food).  This is extensible via mods edting the RacialPerks yaml file.


Add. Removed Main Menu's Mod Nag Popup Screen


Add. Adjusted AI calculations for long term payments value, it is now using the present value of an annuity with a steep discount rate


Chg. Removed more Telemetry operations in the game - This is just a bunch of info the game sends up to some remote logging service, I do not see the point.


Add. On Galactic Vote screen added two values - Votes needed to win and number of votes you get to cast.  The votes needed to win will show in the upper right.  Used to be Votes Cast / Total Votes, now it will show Votes Cast / Votes needed for Win / Total Votes.  Your vote count will be between the two candidate vote buttons.


Chg. Adjusted some UIs for the Auto-Build feature on the planet screen and on the empire screen


Add. Adjusted pirate elimination rewards, much less likely to get a boost to population, added possibility of increased BC reward


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Correction to logic used during blueprint ship creation that could under certain circumstances with non-standard blueprints allow the AI civilizations to build ships with weapon mods it does not know.


Add. Added double click support to Ship Blueprint module popup screen - this action will select and cause the screen to close


Add. Adjusted formation bonus types to be more normalized, this ultimately decreasing some of their effects


Add. Added support for neutral leaders.  Requires that their minor civilization has been found before they will appear


Add. Added a new setting to allow for leaders to be random regardless of race or disposition.  This can be turned off by setting the RANDOM_SELECTION to 0


Add. Ship Blueprint editing ship module popup is now sorted by descending tech research cost, this is the same order to AI will select a system in.  For the player this places the item first on the list - should reduce scrolling.

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