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NicoleSharp1000 #1 Posted 05 July 2019 - 03:35 AM


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Why are there no female human leaders and how can they be added to the game?


I just purchased Master of Orion, and while I knew before I purchased the game that for the default races, the only two human leaders in the entire galaxy were both white men, I had hoped that at the very least there would be a way to create a custom races that included female (and non-white) human leaders.  Unfortunately, it looks like there is no way to change the default white male avatar if the human template is used to create a custom race?  There needs to be an easy way to upload custom avatars for custom races.  I don't really know how to "mod" and would like something very simple like just an image upload, and picking the leader name.  Any help on how to get female human leaders into the game would be appreciated.  Otherwise I am actually considering returning the game (I still only have about one hour of gameplay, per the Steam return policy).  There are a lot of alternatives to Master of Orion with very similar gameplay, that don't have as many sexist elements for human leadership.


I can add though that I have not played any previous versions of Master of Orion before (I am a completely new player), so I am not very familiar with the different races and their backstories, though I don't think that really helps.

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