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Unofficial Code Patch (UCP 6.0) - Released


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WhatIsSol #1 Posted 21 December 2019 - 06:34 AM


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Unofficial Code Patch (UCP 6.0) - Released

Updated located on nexus: https://www.nexusmod...ds/30?tab=files


:::: Fixes Included in this patch
Bug. Fleet combat screen is incorrectly showing the ship status at the end of the combat
Fix. This is a MIRV bug. The combat updates for MIRVed missiles are not being displayed correctly. This is a display issue only.


Bug. If a Tactical combat times out the loser fleet is destroyed while the winner fleet is unharmed
Fix. Added logic to allow for the loser’s fleet’s attack damage output and the combat’s overall success chances to apply damage to the winner fleet resulting in possible loses to the winning fleet.


Bug. First contact audio for the Gly (Glis) does not play, asset exists just has the wrong link location
Fix. Corrected issue


Bug. For Omniscient races it is possible for a pirate base to spawn on an asteroid even after a mine or research laboratory has been placed on it
Fix. Corrected issue by excluding that celestial body from the possible pirate base spawn points


Bug. Tactical combat fighter return logic can generate an ArithmeticException during return to carrier calculations
Fix. Added a check to prevent this exception from being thrown


Bug. Tactical values displayed in the UI for Attack Rating and Defense Rating are always showing the squadron total values regardless of the number of actual ships selected
Fix. Modified to only adjust the values by the number of ships actually selected in the squadron vs the whole squadron


Bug. Minor UI issue Leader avatar's images is in front of their title
Fix. Just reordered the objects


Bug. Antaran settings ANTARAN_ATTACK_MAX_blueprint_template has an off by one issue, causing it to only stop after the limit + 1 is reached
Fix. Corrected issue, also added the functionality of 0 which will just disable that blueprint_template from showing up if desired by a MOD


Bug. Tactical combat can easily timeout due to battles having a fixed timeout
Fix. Added logic to increase the timeout by the number of ships in the engagement, this does not guarantee it will not timeout but makes it less likely


Bug. Tactical combat Automated Repair Unit repair drones are causing crashes and slowdowns due to incorrect logic
Fix. Switched the Automated Repair Unit to a passive special. It will now just heal a certain percentage of ship hull every few seconds controlled by YAML settings: hullRegeneration (5%) and hullRegenerationTimer (5 seconds). The per turn healing on the galaxy map is unaffected


Bug. Tactical combat targeting and weapon control uses multiple conflicting firing conditions, resulting in the AI sometimes attempting to fire on targets it can not hit and thus wasting its shots
Fix. Corrected logic and standardized on the firing solution logic


Bug. Tactical combat ship specials that are also weapons are showing the incorrect quantity and not updating correctly
Fix. Corrected


Bug. On zoomed out galaxy the fleet arrow icons are not being blurred properly and thus are visible on the Empire Management Screen, Leader's Screen, Victory Screen, and the Options Screens
Fix. Just hide the icons when you enter those screens, makes them more readable


Bug. Special Stellar Converter does not add to a ship’s blueprint attack rating
Fix. Added logic to calculate the attack rating for this special


Bug. Having too many leaders will cause the tooltips to be misaligned and show incorrect information when the scrollbar becomes visible
Fix. Corrected this issue by adjusting tooltip location with the position of the scrollbar


Bug. Leader Fleet Assignment screen does not allow fleet selection by clicking on a star
Fix. Corrected missing logic and incorrect logic to make this allowable, so it works like the previous fix for the Leader Colony Assignment Screen


Bug. Wrong value being set from YAML files for torpedo hit chance resulting in wrong attack calculation, this only affects that calculation only, tactical combat is already correct
Fix. Adjusted load code to correctly set the right value used during attack rating calculation


Bug. Leader Screen does not select a fleet leader when the minimap fleet icon is clicked on
Fix. Corrected


Bug. Espionage Infiltrate screen colony selection by clicking a star on the minimap does not always work
Fix. Corrected backend and UI


Bug. Espionage Missions can end with the Agent being idle without notification, some missions seems to repeat automatically for some reason
Fix. At the end of missions assigned agent will now await further instructions


Bug. Leader Colony Selection Screen does not show the same data for BC generation or Food Output as the empire screen, it is showing the income and output without taking into account upkeep and consumption
Fix. Corrected issue also adjusted pollution so it is percentage based as it is on the empire screen


Bug. Leader Colony Selection Screen has a single tooltip popup for BC that has a misplaced location
Fix. Removed it for consistency on that screen


Bug. Differences between implementation of Spy Experience between racial, tech, and leader bonus.  Racial and Tech description are at odds with implementation.  Only leader shows any UI changes.
Fix. Adjusted code so they all do the same thing, increase XP gains for spy mission, the total spy XP is correct on the UI now


Bug. Initial contact with an AI race always displays to the user that their disposition tone is relaxed
Fix. This was just being set to a constant, modified to actually set to the correct tone based on the initial disposition


Bug. AI can threaten to attack and declare war with a scout, regardless of target's decision it will fail to declare war
Fix. Added a check to prevent the AI from attempting to attack and declare war with a non-military ship


Bug. Multiplier Tech Notifications can cause the game to incorrectly show the new tech to the player and the Last Discovery is not displayed correctly
Fix. Corrected both display issues


Bug. Espionage Screen is missing some icons for spy missions, this is causing an exception and preventing loading of mission icons until the application is restarted
Fix. Added missing icons


Bug. If a Leader is in transit to a ship that is destroyed and the civilization does not have the Survival Pod tech, the leader is killed anyway
Fix. Just added a check for this and recalls the leader instead


Bug. If a Spy who has infiltrated a colony is switched to an empire mission, the spy enters transit and then goes idle ignoring the selected mission
Fix. Adjusted logic to make the spy switch to empire mission correctly, this does remove them from the colony


Bug. Pirate base destruction reward of a population unit will ignore any colonies in the same star system when checking for closest colony
Fix. Corrected Logic


Bug. <UCP-5.9 fix> Colony project "Artificial Planet Construction" performed on a formal Gas Giant that was turned into an Asteroid field by a Supernova event results in an invalid planet.
Fix. Corrected logic to detect this condition and generate the planet as normal from a Gas Giant transformation


:::: Enhancements
Add. Adjusted AI fleet management assignment routines to curl some pointless calculations.  During testing this has shown a decent speed increase on large maps in late game turns without impacting AIs tactics.  Per turn times went during one test case from 267 seconds to 87 seconds.


Add. Added the ability for the black hole generator to deal damage to ships that are within its area of effect. This damage effect is controlled by a new weapon type key "weapontype_black_hole_crush"  


Add. Added logic to the "AutoTurn" feature to stop the processing of turns on any notifications popup. This list can be filtered by a new configuration item added to the "Config.cfg" under "[Gameplay]" called "AutoTurnIgnore". Any notification classes in that configuration will not pause auto turn processing.


Chg. Adjusted calculations for the attack and defense rating of structures that include the military upgrade special. Currently the AI is undervaluing them and causing it to not bring enough firepower to bear to overcome them.


Add. Added a sort to the Fleet Control Panel - It will now be sorted by hull type in descending order, then by name, then by leader present, and finally by the hull integrity of the ship. Added the same fleet ship sort to leader assignment screen


Chg. MOD SUPPORT: Confusion with PlanetaryResourceTypes.yaml field populationGrowthPercentualBonus. Positive values for this should increase growth rate, negative values should decrease. The display was wrong as it was showing the opposite.


Add. Tactical Combat Multi-Squadron control, you can now select a single squadron on that control by holding down the CTRL key


Add. Added a popup if and attempt to enter FTL by the player is made while the Hypserspace Flux is active


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Added new default keys for the Antarans tech, they where missing keys for computers (ANTARAN_SHIP_MODULE_COMPUTER_KEY), armor (ANTARAN_SHIP_MODULE_ARMOR_KEY), shields (ANTARAN_SHIP_MODULE_SHIELD_KEY), cannon (ANTARAN_SHIP_MODULE_CANNON_KEY), and bombs (ANTARAN_SHIP_MODULE_BOMB_KEY). This allows for mods to generate static designs.


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Added more space on the fleet control panel for the Attack and Defense Rating - now should support up to six numbers vs the five it did before


Chg. <UCP-5.9 fix> Correction to pirate ships not spawning with advanced tech. added blueprint updates which are working, but apparently when it actually builds the ships it is using blueprints from the start of the game.


Add. Changed the Antaran Notification Icon from the from the gray circle with star to the flashing red diplomatic warning icon


Add. Adjusted targeting of stellar converter when used by the AI on autocast, it will now prioritize attacks to largest enemy hull size then by closest


Add. Adjusted targeting for black hole generator so it will no longer hit the target dead center. I think it is more interesting and it also increases the chance it will include more than one ship


Add. Increased the leader screen scroll area to allow it to show up to 10 leaders, which is the default max and thus removes the need for the scrollbar


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Game creation UI settings are not updating correctly when the number of entries for a dropdown did not change. Corrected logic to have it check the names instead of just the number of entries


Add. Modified Espionage screen to just auto show the selection popup on missions where the user needs to select a destination (empire or colony) - just saves a click


Add. Added a notification when a civil transport moves into orbit around a colony you own


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Added new field PLAYER_RACE_DISPOSITION to the Backend.Diplomacy.Relationship section in Globals.yaml that allows setting of RacialBias for human player to AI interactions


Chg. Added logic to ensure that a research treaty will generate at a min 1 research point per turn, really only applicable to modded games at the early stages


(see Nexus Readme DOC for full list)

WhatIsSol #2 Posted 24 December 2019 - 04:28 PM


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:::: 6.0a Changes

:::: Fixes Included in this patch
Bug. <UCP-6.0 fix> Colony project "Artificial Planet Construction" performed on a Gas Giant will occasionally generate an invalid planet causing multiple problems including endless turn
Fix. Corrected check to prevent this occurrence

:::: Enhancements
Chg. Adjusted regeneration rate on the Automated Repair Unit and added additional information to its tooltip to show the regeneration rate

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