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Unofficial Code Patch (UCP 6.1) - Released

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WhatIsSol #1 Posted 11 April 2020 - 06:55 AM


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Full docs and mod located on Nexus: https://www.nexusmod...hestars/mods/30


:::: Fixes Included in this patch
Bug. Ships with more than one fighter bay of any combination will only launch a single weapon slot of drones at a time
Fix. Corrected logic to allow for all weapon slots of fighters to function independently


Bug. Population percent calculation for mixed lithovore and non-lithovore colonies are wrong due to math conversion order of operation issue
Fix. Corrected arithmetic operation order


Bug. Anomalies that give random tech can cause "Argument is out of range" exception and yield no benefit to the explorer.  This occurs when the game selects a tech node where the explorer already has acquired all the branches via trade or espionage
Fix. Added logic to detect this issue and reward the explorer with a credit bonus


Bug. Tooltips for Weapon Mods in the Ship Building UI are missing a title icon
Fix. Added missing code and modified configs to include a default title icon


Bug. Empire Economic Tooltip math is wrong for the colonies section.  This is a display issue only.  The values show for the Currency Exchange Structure and Leader Bonus are wrong.  The sections totals also is double counting these wrong values as well.
Fix. Corrected Tooltip calculation


Bug. Empire Research Tooltip math is wrong. This is a display issue only.  It is not calculating population totals correctly with structures that have a totalResearchMultiplierBonus and is not factoring in colony leader bonus for research
Fix. Corrected Tooltip calculation


Bug. Division by zero crash bug in Tactical Combat with the use of the displacement/subspace teleport specials during AI jump target location calculation if its current target squadrons contains no valid ships
Fix. Added code to detect this condition and provide an alternative jump target to avoid division by zero


Bug. Lightning Field visual effect is missing code to scale the visual effect with ship size resulting in the graphic not being noticeable on large ships
Fix. Added code to scale the visual properly


Bug. When a leader gains a level of experience they are not always getting a bump in their bonuses, this affects all civilizations player and AI alike.  But, the AI is hit especially hard by this as they are getting about one third of their proper level ups.
Fix. Corrected logic


Bug. MIRV fragments do not have a TimeToLive set, meaning they can have almost unlimited range
Fix. Set TimeToLive for fragments to be a division of the main missile's TimeToLive


Bug. MIRV fragments do not have a missileAttack set, meaning they get the default missileAttack (50 = Pulson Missile)
Fix. Set missileAttack to be the same as the main missile's missileAttack value


Bug. Espionage Spy Agent will show location as being "UPPER:*" if they are in transit attempting to infiltrate a colony
Fix. Corrected this UI issue, it will now show the target colony they are attempting to infiltrate


Bug. Captured Spies still show their old active mission details in the UI
Fix. Switched to show that the spy is captured


Bug. Planet structure list shifts to the left if a filter icon is selected
Fix. Corrected this minor UI issue


Bug. Tooltips for Building Queue is missing a title icon
Fix. Added missing title icon


Bug. ShipBlueprint Manager toggle options are not correctly setting the enabled/disabled on prev/next buttons
Fix. Corrected minor UI issue


Bug. Combat results for most effective weapon do not display point defense weapons correctly
Fix. Corrected minor UI issue


Bug. The tactical combat ship control resets the scrollbar when a squadron is selected and the control is redrawn
Fix. Scrolls the panel to ensure the selected ships are visible


Bug. Refinement to the UCP 5.5b fix that catches the non-numeric chance calculation result
Fix. Instead of always returning 0.0 it now will perform an additional check and either return 0.0 (TERRIBLE) or 1.0 (EXCELLENT)


Bug. TacticalNebulae size is not being adjusted correctly due to a constant not being set, resulting in a fixed size
Fix. Corrected logic, TacticalNebulae will tend to be larger than before now and vary in size


Bug. AI is allocating/reserving too much of a budget for hiring new leaders.  This does not even stop when they have all the leaders they can purchase in a game. Leading to an increasingly large chunk of their balance being allocated to something that will never be used
Fix. Removed Leader Category out of the budget allocation, will now be funded by the General category


Bug. <UCP-5.9 fix> Random event "Diplomatic Incident" can pick a race that is no longer alive.
Fix. Removed dead civilizations from race combinations


Bug. Renaming a system and exiting the screen with the Enter key caused Enter to not work on all other screens
Fix. That popup was keeping the keyboard event for the enter key, added code to correctly release event.  Also added code to select the text field on popup


Bug. Blockaded colony's reduction in BC output does not show up on the Empire or Planet Screen
Fix. Just made it deduct as expected.  Those values still show the floor values for the floats as normal


Bug. Revolt Notification when clicked on just disappears
Fix. Added logic to move the camera to the planet that revolted as would be expected


Bug. Currently there is no notification when a revolt is over
Fix. Added missing notification


Bug. Bio weapons are unable to destroy colonies, leading to some AI issues
Fix. Bio weapons will now destroy a colony when its population is reduced to zero


Bug. Leader bonus "bonus_colony_beam_damage_orbiting_ships" has no effect
Fix. Added logic to make that leader bonus function as expected.


Bug. Blockading or un-blockading an enemy planet is not adjusting income totals on UI
Fix. Forced UI refresh


Bug. <UCP-5.8 fix> Lucky Racial trait for determination of Antaran Attack is being generated using the wrong seed, resulting in the lucky race either always being skipped or never being skipped
Fix. Adjusted random seed generation to take into the normal universe factors


Bug. <UCP-5.9 refinement> The bottom button on the galaxy indicator the game state shows "Please Wait" if the user has pending blocking Scrap Notifications to deal with
Fix. Added logic to have that button show a different icon and changed the text to read "Clear Blocking Notifications"

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WhatIsSol #2 Posted 11 April 2020 - 06:57 AM


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:::: Enhancements
Add. Removed the Tactical Notification auto-center on a squad as it was jarring.  Clicking the notification will auto-center as normal.


Add. Removed Tactical Notification "destination reached" for a squad that has multiple way points selected for all but the last one.


Add. Removed forcing automatic firing on a weapon slots when that weapon slot is ordered to attack an enemy ship.  A weapon slot set to manual will now fire once.  Allows for more granular control if desired by the player.


Add. Modified the standard attack order.  Now selecting a squad and ordering it to attack will cause that squadron to focus fire on that enemy until it is destroyed.  Holding down the CTRL key while making the attack order will cause it to work as before where the squadron will approach the enemy ship but fire on any ship within range of its weapons.


Add. Splitting a ship(s) from a squadron will make the new squadron retain some of the previous adjust settings such as profile and attack min and max ranges.


Add. Added a cost for each unassimilated population on a planet.  This is to make the "Alien Management Center" and the perks controlling assimilation more worthwhile. This cost is controlled by a new global yaml value UNASSIMILATED_CITIZEN_COST


Add. Added the Racial Relations penalty to morale base upon a planet having a mixed population.  This is penalty is eliminated by building the "Alien Management Center".  The penalty is controlled by a new global yaml value MULTI_RACIAL_MORALE


Chg. Adjusted some fighter movement and attack routines to reduce break distance and added a timeout to TacticalSquadronManeuverFighterAttack to prevent fighters getting stuck in that manuever.


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Added support for showing negative Morale Resources values on the Colony Morale Tooltip


Chg. Adjusted logic for showing the civil transport arrived notification to require that the fleet is not able to move, this prevents this message on initial ship construction


Add. Added logic to the AI's usage of Lightning Field and Pulsar to stop them from firing when the first target crosses into range.  This is an attempt to get more targets than one in the weapon’s area of effect before firing.


Add. Added right-click exit to the Scrap Outpost dialog


Chg. MOD SUPPORT: Added a new CSV key SHIPICON_FREIGHTER_RACE_APPEND to control the text that is appended to the Civil Transport for the Fleet Control Icon


Chg. Instead of adjusting the LTP like did, made the proper correction which was to increase the value the AI assigns to technology


Del. Removed "Add. Adjusted AI calculations for long term payments value, it is now using the present value of an annuity with a steep discount rate."


Add. Adjusted planets sizes on the planet screen to make tiny to huge show a graphic difference


Chg. Changed most of the empire and colony tooltips, this is a work in progress


Add. Added new racial trait - Pollution Control. This racial trait will either increase or decrease pollution generated on a colony.


Add. Added new variable to the GameStartPoints.yaml, minorShipModules.  This sets the ship modules the independent civilizations will use when they generate their defensive structures


Chg. Reorganization of the Custom Race Popup screen.  Reordered the Specials category so they show up in alphabetic order.


Add. Turned on Retreat regardless of rather a fleet has moved or not.  Not sure how this will turn out, I’m just enabling it to get feedback


Add. Waypoint smoothing for chaining move orders.  Instead of the ships coming to a complete stop at each waypoint they will possibly slow down but move to next waypoint.  This makes their movement a little less precise on hitting the waypoint exactly but overall works better


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Added support for Spud Dastardly's 5X alternative hulls for DLC races and the research screen.  The graphic does not exist in the game, so defaulting to the non-alternative hull graphic.  This is not ideal but better than the invalid texture box


Add. Adjusted how pirates ship spawns, they will now spawn fleets containing all blueprints lower then current max.  So before if they would spawn a single cruiser, they will now spawn a cruiser, destroyers, and frigates.  This allows their fleets to ramp up in size in later parts of the game.


Add. Adjusted pirates node targeting so they will prefer targets that are not already blockaded.


Add. Pirates will cease bombing a planet when the population gets too low.


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Added a control variable "BLOCKADE_INCOME_HIT" to the Globals.yaml section "Backend.Settlements.Colony".  This controls the hit to colony income production if it is blockaded.


Add. MOD SUPPORT: Added logic to cause a revolt that starts based upon low morale to end after the same number of turns as one entered via Espionage versus it never ending.


Add. Added logic to allow you to see information on a non-owned colony you have a fleet in orbit around.  This is the same information Omniscient or Infiltrated spy would give.  You lose this information as soon as the fleet moves off the colony.


WhatIsSol #3 Posted 07 May 2020 - 02:25 AM


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VERSION UCP 6.1a - Released


Bug. <UCP OSX> Some Issues reported with the SWF UI files, also first experimental support for GOG OSX
Fix. Adjusted reproted SWF files and this appears to have corrected the problem, I still have no access to OSX so this is 3rd hand, unlikely this corrects all of them


Bug. <UCP 5.9 enhancement removal> "Add. Adjusted calculation for tactical ship's max weapon range..."
Fix. This has the unintended effect of adjusting the radar range for enemy detection to the average range thus causing the ship to not fire at proper ranges if using a mixed ship design.  I need to reevaluate this function, but for now removing.

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