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Introducing our Lore Master: Calitexa

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Mikko_M #21 Posted 22 December 2015 - 01:37 PM

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Overall in my opinion much more attention should be given to the actual in-game script (to the things the player will actually see and hear in-game) than what seems to be currently done. As even if you would have a 1000+ pages of lore surrounding the game, but the actual in-game script would be from a B-class space parody hardly anyone would even bother with the surrounding lore. In my opinion a quality game script should be the lore`s calling card and not the other way around, since the game is what people will ultimately be buying.

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Moreover, I advise that the tactical combat must be made more player controllable and informative for this to become a proper MOO game.


​The long lost formula for space 4X game success = Good tactical combat + good empire management > than just good tactical combat or good empire management alone.

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