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Heroes of Orion


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Bloobahlz #1 Posted 22 December 2015 - 09:54 PM


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As a huge fan of Masters of Orion, I wrote a screenplay titled Heroes of Orion, inspired by the game. Though I have placed in International Screenplay Competitions with it, the cost associated with making it and myself (with no professional history to back-up that elevator pitch) can only hope that the right person sees it and believes in the story.


Perhaps the draw to this reboot may attract enough interest for that right person to be curious?


Nothing wrong with chasing a dream!


The setting (or equivalent comparison when comparing the two stories): The Psilons and Mecklars are allied and provide peace and prosperity to the galaxy through their combined contribution to manufacturing and technology. The Darlocks and Sakkra are allied and envious of the Psilons and Meklar but cannot challenge their rule due to being severely outclassed in technology.


To even the playing field, The Darlocks execute a scheme to seize an ancient artifact/ship guarded by a powerful space faring monster. They are successful and are able to more than level the playing field by neutralizing all forms of advanced technology; and through brute force, are able to conquer the galaxy. It is at this point that Humans are introduced, the only race that is able to defend against this threat.


Earth; in the near future, scrambles to outfit their Special Forces units from UN Security Council members and deployed to the Psilon homeworld in a desperate attempt to save the last allied bastion. Modern versions of platemail armor accented by their nation's sponsor make this story a Star Wars meets 300 theme. Again this is a story inspired by the game and not taken from the game itself, but could EASILY be adapted. If there is sufficient interest, I can post more on the characters and setting that make this story very different than any previous screenplay involving hostile aliens attacking a world.

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JeanBaptisteEmanuelZorg #2 Posted 23 December 2015 - 07:05 PM


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Master of Might and Magic comes next ? lol.

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JosEPh_II #3 Posted 11 April 2016 - 01:26 AM


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Go for it!


JosEPh :)

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