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Sociology Breakout Thread = Treaties

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voidstalker_woe #1 Posted 07 February 2016 - 07:18 PM


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Ok, in this thread I would like to focus discussion on what kind of new and improved treaties would make for a good expansion of MOO2 treaties.  I am thinking along the lines of expanding the Sociology list to make it as big as the Construction list in levels, and as big or bigger than the Construction list in choices needing to be made.


Although MOO2 had something called diplomacy, what I have in mind (as a possible set of optional optimization choices), would be to 'flesh out' the Sociology list, by including additional treaty enabling techs.


So for here, let us focus on what is in game, what we could want to be included as optional expansions to the existing diplomatic states, and how to provide a much better set of choices for those who want them.


First off, I think that if anyone wanted to post the existing diplomatic options, along with what those mean, that would be great.  If I have to do it, then I will, eventually, get around to it, but help would be most welcome.


At his point, I would love to just insert a screen shot of the existing options, but alas I am to dumb to figure out how to do that, lol.


So lets just make a list:

Peace treaty.

Trade treaty.

Research treaty.

Non-Aggression pact treaty.

Alliance treaty.


There are also these:

5% Tribute treaty.

10% Tribute treaty.


I'll come back to this later, after work and continue...



Further more, I believe that we must start building a better MoO5 now, for only by doing so can we get tomorrow's game, today!

MaddCowQQ #2 Posted 28 April 2016 - 01:50 PM


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Production treaty.  Even harder to code, but similar, culture exchange (Swaps out a few colonists of your race with theirs and vice versa... get some diversity and perhaps some nice colonists to found their own planet and grow)

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