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Races needs to be more unique in perks and research!

Race Remake Tech/Research Tree Remake

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Arkide #1 Posted 03 March 2016 - 01:52 AM


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The link to the forum above already highlights a considerable amount of the complaints I have, but, I do have more complaints than what's covered in the link above.


I believe each race needs more positives and negatives exclusive to the race. Also, High/Low gravity needs more impact in the game.


Besides those, I firmly believe each race needs a unique tech/research tree. I want each race to get a complete remake to those research lines. It's okay if some of them overlap to more than or even all of the races, but, it's not okay if it's exactly the same for every race, because, that just tells me without those small perks associated with the races that were stated at the beginning of the game, all races are essentially exactly the same and progress exactly the same way, because they all share the same tech tree. I mean the tech tree is literally exactly the same, even the order!


Furthermore, when derelict ships are discovered, please give them a unique look and give them unique weaponry. Other than that make those ships work the same as any other ship in regards of customization. It just doesn't make sense how a completely operational ship is discovered and it becomes one of your ships. Of course, there's a possibility that the race assimilated it to become one of our ships, but, it's a lot more interesting if you just find this ancient ship with ancient weaponry(which can or cannot be customized - up to the developers). 


The most important thing to me right now is the tech/research tree reform. I don't like it how it is at the moment. With the current system each race is literally exactly the same if you exclude the beginning perks, because they get exactly the same research, weapons/ships, and the research lines are the same too. The research lines are not in different orders and there aren't unique research and weapons exclusive to races either. Does it make sense to you that the barbaric Bulrathi are able to keep up with the super intelligent Psilons in terms of weaponry? They can research exactly the same weapons! Why?.. You would expect something like the beam weapons to be a bit further in the tech tree for the Bulrathi's and closer to the Psilon's due to their intelligence difference.  


After hearing Quickybaby's comments on the game when he played early access, I must include two of his suggestions as well, because they stood out to me. He suggested that the tech tree be something like a web-like where research starts from the middle or one portion of it and can branch in any direction - he states that would bring more unique combinations to the game which I agree on. The second thing he suggested is to implement planets in to the game that give exclusive bonuses and/or technology. This would undeniably make the game a lot more interesting, because this basically adds in "mini-Orions" to the game and that is very exciting! Also, because getting Orion takes a while and by that time you can probably already destroy many of the other races if you wanted to. 


It may be that the original games followed this format so Wargaming is just replicating it, but, times have changed and I believe diversifying the races and tech trees will really help the game because that way more players will be interested in playing the game over and over again to find more unique combinations to win the game. It will probably entice more gamers to get this game too, because it will contain elements that will set Master of Orion apart from many of the other 4X games and because, well it's Master of Orion.. but better!. I was really excited to get this game and buy the collector's edition until I saw some game plays and came across those problems, mainly the tech tree problem and the lack of uniqueness of the races. 


In short, all races need more perks and negative attributes associated with them, tech/research tree needs to be more unique to fit each race, and derelict ships need to be unique and not just one of our ships right off the bat. Also, maybe add in the "mini-Orion" planets that was mentioned in this forum.

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Kelian86 #2 Posted 03 March 2016 - 11:32 PM


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I agree 100%.


While I know this is still early access, all races seem to be carbon copies of one another with the same tech trees just different unit models.


There should be unique race specific tech options.


Hopefully this is still to come.

Meego_Smash #3 Posted 30 March 2016 - 07:03 AM


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I agree.  An example of tailoring the tech tree to the race - Alkari, who are avians starting from a low g world.  I would expect ships that were a little more maneuverable (a bonus to dodge and acceleration) and harder to hit; as well as not as well armoured as the others perhaps.  I'm also thinking a slight bonus to internal space...

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