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MOO2 Remake.

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The_StormWraith #41 Posted 17 March 2016 - 10:15 PM


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Just a quick note to Francois - very nice summary of some of the high points of MoO2. 


I suspect that some (certainly not all) of the critics of the newer systems and changes in MoO4 may still be bleeding from MoO3. MoO3 was a grand, sweeping, and eloquent simulation that would have lifted the Space Opera genre to Harry-Selden-like plateaus... but Fate noticed that humanity would have lost a significant part of its population dead at our keyboards if it was allowed to be completed, and so stepped in with an Antaran Bucket-load of stumbling blocks. So when we hear about 'changes' in our beloved game, there is a reasonable recoil...


Having said that... How many people here have played the Fallout ReBoots? How many were on the forums before it came out, and during their developments? Do you remember the cries of horror and outrage that Fallout could EVER be translated from turn-based to Real-Time action? Or from 3rd-person Isometric to actual 3-d exploration? And I admit, I could not imagine the 'soul' of the game ever surviving the transition myself, and yet, all its faults not-withstanding, I LOVED the Fallout Reboot, and so did many. The essence of the game - and the leech-like attachment to my time - remained. So when I read these forums and come across arguments that boil down to "That's Not The Way They've Done It!" in the exact same tones as every other game forum when a game gets updated to new technology etc., well, I'm sorry. But I can't take you seriously until, without hystrionics, you simply and clearly lay out your concerns, and possible solutions if you have them, and don't Godwin yourself with the words, "Doomed", "Fail", or other thought-ending-phrases. (Not your thoughts - your thoughts may be perfectly well reasoned. I mean my thoughts - use one of those expressions and it's as if you flipped me off in a car - you may be perfectly in the right, but I am too irritated to be educated by it.)


I LOVE turn based battles, but games like Sword of the Stars have made me love RT - although admittedly with certain in-game restrictions. That's the trade off I guess - How many individual battles do you want to sit through? And will Turn-based be longer or slower than an RT summary? Or will attending one battle force you to miss other simultaneous battles?


Does anyone here recall another chestnut promised by MoO3 in the early days? They proposed the idea of "IFP"s (which stands for something clever I cannot recall at the moment) that basically were a kind of 'Attention Currency'. Based on your tech level, as Emperor you could only spend your alotment of ISPs once each turn, either on a battle, or micromanaging different planets, etc. at different costs. For everything else you had to trust your Advisers, and the general build directives you sent from your capital. It would have made for a wonderfully accurate feeling of being an Emperor In Charge of Everything, but whose attention was a prized resource. Suffice to say, IFP's did not make the final cut...


Would I buy a re-skinned MoO2 now? Hell yes. And I do own it, but the thing is wretched on modern devices. Clean it up for modern tech and you can have my $50 bucks now, no questions asked. And prolly another $150 for the copies I will buy my friends. But do I want MoO4 to be MoO2? Nope.  I want more. I want new. I want them to make me view things with the same joy of discovery and mental wrestling that MoO2 gave me - how to come up with a style of play that is mine, and then to try something completely different, just to see how they work. So go on, Wargaming - Challenge me. Make me find a new way to explore the MoO universe. As long as there are multiple, interesting ways to play this game, I'm good. Just... don't leave the game unfinished on release, and don't let it eat my computer while I play.


And if you can add more races and race picks as time goes on, I'm sure we'll all be thrilled to death.


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