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Chapter_Serf #1 Posted 03 March 2016 - 10:38 PM


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I am one person and I've played through a game of MoO. And I think I care about the game. I want to play more, but I have some concerns. And I want to make my voice heard. I'm sure some of these things may have been said in other topics but I want to make sure they've been said.


First off:

Ground combat. This has to be fixed. We have no numbers or anything. We have no indication as to the actual strength of our force or the enemy's force. Neither do we have any indication how much of a bonus things like the Plasma Rifle or Powered Armor add to the combat. We need numbers, and not just the size of the force. We need to know what the rolls are showing. Furthermore, when we go to ground combat, it would be nice to be able to only commit so many troops to the fight, instead of all of them, and then have all of them left behind on the newly conquered planet. Or, if all of the troops DO land on the planet, only one transport's worth are left behind (or enough left behind that would allow for the rest to return to transports evenly.) For example, you land 30 troops and lose 8, 4 stay behind and you have 3 transports still in your fleet.


Ship movement. The way ship movement currently works makes late game engines almost useless. Rather than take a whole turn to go through a system, or to a planet in a system, or to a warp point in a system, make it take half a movement point or something instead. The way it works right now REALLY slows the game down, especially in end game. It shouldn't take 14 turns for reinforcements to arrive to the front lines when all tech is researched, and you're sitting with end game engines. But it does. Why? Because a turn to get out of the system where the ships were built, a turn for every warp lane it goes through and a turn for every system it goes through. It's really slow.


Diplomacy. What is up with the AI races? I turn down one "trade" (to be more precise, them buying my techs from me) and the relationship meter moves halfway to the left closer to war. Two turns later they demand half my treasury, half my income, two techs and three colonies (Usually very good and old, well built up colonies) and when I refuse, it's off to war. Despite the fact that I've got twice the technology they do, three times the military power and have one ship that can blow half of their fleet away and come out in one piece. And I'm playing as the humans! For a non-aggression pact? They want an arm and a leg! And this is after about a half dozen trades that I DID accept. Why are they so hateful? And this is only on "average" difficulty, whatever that means. It was impossible to make one friend, even in the early game. They were so unreasonable...


Ship Design. Things need to scale in size demands between the ships. While I acknowledge that a Steller Converter has no place on a Frigate, I'd like to be able to fit more than a couple of guns and one missile (if that) on smaller ships. This is especially true with the hard cap on the number of workers you can put on a planet. You're going to need varied fleets in terms of ship types since not every planet will be able to spam Titans, even in the late and end game stages.


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