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mangafee #1 Posted 12 March 2016 - 02:37 AM


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Hi folks, 


Love the game, been playing all the races since I bought.  My two cents (and if it shouldn't be done like this just let me know and I'll do it going forward, as it is I had a look-see around and didn't see it addressed) as follows...


1) More trade off in technology choices (not just beams or bombs but diplomacy or production).  I am yet to see a strong difference in relying on beam, balanced or missile.  Heck, I would espouse that a given technology cripple an industry (science, ag, or production) if you decide to focus on it as it is a philosophy your empire adapts.  Something should suffer as a result.  As it is someone focusing on diplomacy will see their empire quickly diminished because (of the following)...


2) Its nice to ally yourself with someone, but that opinion quickly changes even though no aggression has been shown to an empire (no build up of ships on their border, no hostility, etc) simply because you have more planets (in the OPPOSITE direction).  As it is, I am yet to see ANY return (save for threatened hostility due to superior military) against an ally.  Not diplomacy, its just thuggery.


3) planet terraforming,  I think most will disagree with me but I think this should be a monumental achievement (2 turns out arid 10 turns out GAIA!!  exaggeration).  That should be an empire wide commitment otherwise you turn into a galaxy of Gaia's based off of who has the most money (another issue) and who buys out new LARGE panet's.


Love the game, won't get into the combat side as that's thoroughly exhausted.  Great game and glad I bought.



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