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Unique/Distinct Research Trees for Each Race

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Arkide #1 Posted 14 March 2016 - 01:53 AM


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Each race is different from each other in terms of ideals, intelligence, and physique. Then why is it that the research paths are the exact same for every race?


Why not changing the order or making a few research lines exclusive to races. 


Also, since the Bulrathi is the typical barbaric and lower intelligence race shouldn't they get less researching options or a hindrance on their intelligence to show the effect of low intelligence. Doing this to every race would build their uniqueness and make them distinct.


Also, there needs to be more negative perks - like the Humans and counterespionage.


I would love to see a "core" research path that every race has, few distinct paths exclusive to only a particular race, and possible rearranging of research paths fitting the needs and ideals of each race.


I have underlined other reforms I would like to be implemented in to the game over here (it's a bit long but a small summary is present at the end - so just read that)




Thank you for your time.

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LeadfootSlim #2 Posted 27 March 2016 - 04:35 PM


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I think there's a precedent with the Uber planets - they're added onto the existing "core" tech tree at a certain tier. By the same token, more unique techs for races could be added in at different stages, or transplanted earlier in the tech tree with a proper notification. Silicoids, for example, could get extra Silicoid-specific buildings (salt mines? Rock tumblers?) that fill the same role of population growth enhancement, and keep the default farming stuff to feed conquered colonists... Or not. Maybe that'd add another layer of uniqueness to the Silicoids, that they'd just shrug while their slaves work themselves to death.


Another broad stroke would be a research bonus to different categories - giving Humans a research boost in Government/Economy-related tech would fit their playstyle like a glove, and would have a far greater impact on the game than simply starting with Research Labs. The same could go for Sakkra in Biology, or Meklar in Computing. The trees aren't so distinctly lined up as once they were, though, so perhaps some color-coding would be in order.

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